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Renew How-To: Exfoliating Lip Treatment

September 28, 2012 | 6:42 AM
company: Brush-Up with Barbara and Mineral Mine/ 800-338-1423/
target results: Slough away dry skin and moisturize lips.

service summary:
1. Wipe away any lip color or products from the lips with a clean tissue.
2. Apply Mineral Mine Lip Buffer to lips.
3. Using Brush-Up with Barbara’s Tortoise Brow Brush, brush the Lip Buffer into lip and wipe away loose dry skin. This will improve the lips’ circulation, make them appear full and will reduce the fine lines on or around the lips.
4. Next, apply Mineral Mine’s Lip Satin, a vitamin-enriched lip treat containing jojoba oil.  This will smooth out the skin and add a healthy glow.

recommended pricing strategy:
treatment duration: 5 minutes

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