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Renew How-To: Beauty Garden Organic Professional Treatment

September 28, 2012 | 6:42 AM
company: Sothys/800-325-0503/
target results: A four-step procedure linking beauty with nature.

service summary:
1. Remove make-up. Cleanse the face, neck and neckline with Beauty Garden Make-up Removing Fluid with cherry buds.  
2. Follow with Floral Water with angelica and hawthorn to finalize make-up removal.
3. Perform relaxing modeling on the face and neck with 100-percent Organic Helianthus Oil.
4. Apply Comfort Mask with helianthus and rosemary in a regular layer. Remove after 15 minutes and finish with Floral Water.
5. Finish treatment with application of Face Care with helianthus and rosemary on the face and neck.

recommended pricing strategy: $75
treatment duration: 30 minutes

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