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September 28, 2012 | 6:42 AM
Just a few years ago, skin care was pretty much relegated to wrinkle reduction and pampering. But nowadays, it's a much more democratic practice. Kids and guys, mothers-to-be and the post-menopausal—everyone is finding solutions in the hands of their esthetic practitioners. Here are some innovative protocols and service ideas for people of every age...proof that it's never too early and never too late to treat and delight your clients.

child's play
There's no question that kids today are more sophisticated than they were a generation ago. And while we may have dreamed of becoming princesses, our children—from toddlers to pre-teens—can actually be treated like royalty at Simon Says, a salon and spa created just for them.
    Located on the basement-level of the Marshall Field's department store in suburban Chicago, the simplified services are child-friendly, as is the furniture, which features an adjustable-height nail bar and video games and DVD players at every station. The rest of the décor is orange and blue and ocean-themed. For skin care services, founder Scott Knapp uses natural, chemical-free products from California Baby.
    "It is completely designed around children," Knapp says of his kid-friendly concept. "Everything is scaled to their size." That includes prices, where manicures (consisting of soaking, moisturizing and polish) start at $5, pedicures at $15, and facials at $5. And his pint-sized clients are enjoying getting glam: "Little girls have been interested in beauty since the beginning of time," says Knapp, "and now they have a place that's just for them."

the simon says "facial" for kids
1. Settle child comfortably in reclining chair or facial bed.
2. Spray face with California Baby scented hydrating mist.
3. Apply appropriate moisturizer.
4. While moisturizer absorbs, lay fresh slices of cucumbers on child's eyes.
5. To finish, remove cucumber slices, and help child out of the chair.

teen scene
Susan Tierney, CEO of Seventeen Studio.Spa.Salon, knows how to brighten a teenage girl's day. Her beauty mecca in Plano, Texas, caters to pre-teens and teens (although it accommodates adults, too), and offers massage, facials, spray-on tanning, waxing and body services. The Make-Up Bar allows girls to play, while the Pedicure Pit, a pillow-filled room that accommodates eight, is the perfect place to gather with friends. Not enough entertainment? There's also an on-site kiosk that plays the newest music videos and an Internet Bar for web-surfing. For special occasions like prom or homecoming, groups can book custom spa parties.
    Despite all the fun, the spa takes teen skin seriously. There is no shortage of acne-fighting weapons, including the Dermalogica line, whose products and protocols are used in the Acne Attack Facial and the Flip-Side, a back facial.
    "We perform the same steps on teens as we do on adults," says Tierney. "It's not a teenybopper facial; we use high-quality products and customize it just for them." In fact, the services are so effective that moms are coming in with their teenagers and booking their own appointments. "Half of our business is mothers," remarks Tierney.
    Tierney should be familiar with the teen set; she worked for Seventeen magazine for twelve years, and the spa licensed its name from the publication. She notes, "The concept didn't exist when we started, but my experience told me that teens were ready for these kinds of treatments."

seventeen's acne attack facial
target result: Effective acne treatment.

1. Cleanse with steam with Dermal Clay Cleanser and Purifying Botanical Mixer. Cleanse a second time with Anti-Bac Skin Wash.
2. Apply Scaling Fluid with steam for 10 minutes. For
fine-textured skin, galvanic current on the negative pole for 3-4 minutes is a desincrustation alternative.
3. Perform manual extractions, followed by direct high
frequency; then wipe treated areas with Post Extraction Solution.
4. Press 6-8 drops of Sebum Control Serum into skin.
5. Apply Anti-Bac Cooling Masque or Plankton Masque to face and neck.
6. Remove after 10 minutes with warm steam towel
customized with Purifying Botanical Mixer and
Multi-Active Toner. Apply Special Clearing Booster on blemishes. Apply Oil Control Lotion to remaining areas.

pregnant pause
Mothers-to-be have unique beauty needs, many of which are addressed in a program created by Jolanta Omski of Miracullum Spa in Walnut Creek, California. "We divide the pregnancy into trimesters and perform specific services for each," says Omski. First comes a non-hydroquinone whitening facial for "pregnancy mask," or hyperpigmentation that occurs due to fluctuating hormone levels; prenatal massages performed on specially designed tables, where clients can lie comfortably on their stomachs; and a foot rescue treatment that involves an invigorating
peppermint scrub, massage, hydrating mask and heated booties to restore achy legs.
In the second trimester, Omski recommends adding lymphobiology to the protocol to reduce swelling in the legs and improve circulation. In the final trimester, the expectant mom is prepped for her post-birth photos, getting a brow wax, brow and lash tint and European facial. All clients benefit from the spa's exclusive private label products, a detailed intake form and the well-trained staff.
    Omski, who has three children herself, knows how much a pregnant woman appreciates pampering. "They love us because we're one of the only spas in the area to have the
right kind of table. We see at least three to five pregnant clients every day."

miracullum spa's whitening facial
target results: To exfoliate, even and brighten the skin.

1. Analyze the skin. Cleanse with Glow Wash and rinse thoroughly.
2. Apply Lactic Peel rapidly with cotton squares and remove promptly with water.
3. Gently massage Enzyme Smoothie onto the skin for 5 minutes, steam for an additional 5 minutes and remove with warm towel.
4. Perform extractions if necessary.
5. Massage face, neck and shoulders for 12 minutes. Remove all traces of massage cream/oil with warm towel.
6. Apply Clear and Bright Serum.
7. When serum is absorbed, apply Glow Mask. Remove with warm towels after 10 minutes.
8. Re-apply another layer of Clear and Bright Serum to areas of discoloration, and once absorbed, complete the treatment with Glow Cream and Micro TZ Sunscreen.

the babymooners
It's one last hurrah before diaper duty and sleepless nights! The Topnotch Resort and Spa in Stowe, Vermont, has created a "Babymoon" package for expectant parents. The unique element is that it includes fathers-to be, who are often excluded from prenatal pampering.
    The package, which includes extras like a romantic dinner each evening, complimentary champagne and chocolates, and massage oil and candles, entices the couple to spend some focused time together. The best part, of course, is the 50-minute spa treatment targeted to each parent.
    "We have several treatments for men and women, and pregnancy massage and the 80-minute Vermont Wood Spice Treatment for Men are very popular," says Paula Upton, spa director. The services are performed in a beautifully decorated couples' treatment room with a crackling fireplace, where the pair can relax before the service. They can also sample aromatherapy oils and select the scents they want for their treatments.
    "We perform their services side by side so the man feels included in the whole process," explains Upton. "We make a special effort to reach out to the man, and discover the things that he really enjoys."
    As a bonus, after the dual treatments the therapist shows the husband how to massage his wife, so he can help ease the aches that come with the third trimester. "That keeps them connected and makes the experience more intimate," says Upton. And when clients are happy, the Topnotch staff is happy: "We love to share in their excitement. It just shines from the moment they walk into our spa."

the topnotch resort and spa's pregnancy massage
"Topnotch performs this 25-, 50- or 80-minute service on a traditional massage bed, using custom-made pillows to support a pregnant woman's body," says Margo Loeffler, assistant massage manager. "All therapists are specially trained in pregnancy massage, and focus on areas like the lower back and shoulders. It is important to be cautious of ligaments that may want to overstretch at this time, and to make sure circulation is never compromised. Since pregnant women are often sensitive to scent, we use natural, hypoallergenic oils like grapeseed, which are subtle and deemed safe."

the topnotch resort and spa vermont
wood spice treatment for men
The element that sets this treatment apart is the Wood Spice oil. It's made locally for the spa and comes in a jug. The base is a mixture of grapeseed and sweet almond oil. Before use, therapists strain out the pine needles, which evoke the scent of the Vermont mountains.
1. Perform full body scrub with a loofah, hot water and homemade Wood Spice soap.
2. Wrap the body in hot linens that have been soaked in Wood Spice herbs.
3. Perform head and neck massage, then remove wrap.
4. Finish with a 25-minute massage with Wood Spice oil.

male service
The Body Perfect Salon in Las Vegas caters to men with a complete barbershop that includes a private entrance. It also offers an extensive hair-removal menu—one of the fastest-growing men's services.
    Salon manager Chasten, who is also a hair removal tech, trains her staff on the Nufree no-wax system. She says it's gentle enough for a first-timer and leaves skin soft—something even a real man's man will appreciate. "Most men want hair removal for their face or back, especially before they hit the pool or the beach," says Chasten.
    A full beard hair removal runs $90, while the back costs $75. But it doesn't stop there—the Body Perfect technicians fulfill requests for bikinis and Brazilian-style removal from a few brave men. For those areas, male technicians perform the service.
    "We feel men are left out of salons," explains Chasten. "They get their hair cut and that's it. But here, they can be a little spoiled."

the body perfect salon's men's
no-wax hair removal
1. Check to make sure hair is the appropriate length for removal; trim if necessary.
2. Men's skin tends to be oilier than women's, so wipe the area to be treated with a dry cloth.
3. During this preparation, explain the hair-removal process to the client. For new clients, perform a patch test to make sure they can tolerate the procedure.
4. Apply Nufree treatment with downward strokes. Apply paper strip, and pull up quickly, removing hair.
5. Continue removing hair in sections. Apply Finipil solution to skin, which will soothe and protect.
6. For at-home care, clients should apply Finipil daily to reduce unwanted hair. Clients should also refrain from working out immediately after this service, because
perspiration could irritate the skin.

the change of life
Leave it to a California doctor to create an esthetic paradise in a medical center. At Ocean Oasis in Santa Monica, Lisa Masterson, M.D., offers gynecological exams and ultrasounds, along with an extensive selection of facials, waxing, massages and acupuncture. Post-service, clients can gaze at the ocean or take a dip in the on-site pool.
    Though Dr. Masterson welcomes women at all stages in life, she enjoys treating menopausal women. "They are at a good stage because they get to focus on themselves a little bit more," she observes. "They are figuring out what they want in life
and going after it." Because these women are also increasingly concerned with staying healthy, Dr. Masterson welcomes the chance to re-educate them on taking care of their bodies.
    Her staff takes good care of these clients, too. In the waiting area, there is soothing music and a hostess offering herbal tea and light refreshments. Clients can soak their feet and enjoy a soothing eyepack while waiting for their technician. In the
treatment rooms, therapists are careful to keep temperatures at a comfortable level and use only high-quality linens to ensure the ultimate in relaxation. "It's a place where they can forget all worries and decrease their stress, which plays a factor in aging and chronic diseases," explains Dr. Masterson.
    To combat hot flashes, cool neck packs are kept on hand, and highly emollient products are used to soothe aging, dry skin. One targeted service, the Ginseng and Pearl Hydrating Treatment, takes it a step further and leaves mature skin glowing. Says Dr. Masterson, "It aims to replenish and restore natural suppleness."

ocean oasis ginseng and pearl hydrating treatment
target conditions: All skin types, but particularly
indicated for mature skin in need of hydration.

1. Select a cleanser for client's skin type, and cleanse twice.
2. Apply a hydrating toner.
3. Apply exfoliating gommage enzyme peel with brush and leave for 5-7 minutes. When it hardens, remove with hot towel.
4. Place gauze mask over face and neck. Next, combine ginseng and pearl powder to create a calming and hydrating mixture. Apply mixture over gauze, using a brush or spatula.
5. While mask sets for 20 minutes, perform shoulder, neck, head and hand massage.
6. Peel off mask, which will have set to rubbery consistency. Gauze should lift off as well.
7. To finish, apply moisturizer, sunscreen and eye and lip treatment.

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