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Dress the Part, Naturally

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM

Since your service providers are likely in uniform (or at least a dress code), you probably don’t give fashion a second thought in your spa. Well, think again. What your technicians are wearing can leave a major impression on clients. What is the vibe of your spa? Funky and progressive? Calm and conventional? All natural and organic? The way your employees dress should support that theme.

We recently discovered a new collection of uniforms from Fianna Spa Fashions ( that are made of hemp fabric. Hemp is biodegradable, organic, and free of non-renewable petroleum products, and does not create toxic chemicals when made into fiber. In addition, hemp fabric provides a protective screen from harmful UV rays. The Fianna collection includes jackets for men and women, as well as unisex tops and pants.

If your spa is a bit more cutting edge, check out TameWear spa uniforms ( for modern, edgy designs that aren’t necessarily meant to blend into the background. Asian-inspired designs with Mandarin collars, asymmetrical hems, and mod shapes reminiscent of shift dresses from the '60s are just a few of the designs we spotted.

Just because you’re in the spa doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashionable statement. Your clients will notice your attention to detail, right down to your threads.


by Molly Noonan

[email protected]

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