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Benefits of Chakra Stones

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM
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Achieving Balance

Tracing back to ancient India, the charkas are believed to be seven major centers of the body where vital energy flows and intersects. When all seven are clear and balanced, a person is at their optimal wellbeing emotionally, and some believe, physically as well. Here’s a look at the different Chakra areas, types of stones that help clear the areas and the benefits.



Chakras Chakra Stones Benefit
Crown Violet stone like Amethyst Peace and wisdom
Third Eye Indigo stone like Sodalite Vision and awareness
Throat Blue stone like Aquamarine Courage and focus
Heart Pink stone like Rose Quartz Love and caring
Stomach Yellow stone like Citrine Self-confidence and happiness
Navel Orange stone like Carnelian Direction and creativity
Base of the spine Red stone like Red Jasper Calming and grounding

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