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Renews: Sleep and the Spa

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM



The emerging field of sleep medicine has found that sleep has a profound effect on appearance, weight and well-being, and that many people in the country are sleep deprived. With wellness being one of the biggest trends in the spa right now, more businesses are including healthy sleep programs in their regimens.

According to, which included sleep programs on their list of trends to look for in 2007, hotels and resorts will put a greater emphasis on creating ideal sleep environments, with minimal light and sound, aromatherapy and relaxing spa treatments. At destination spas, there will be specialists on hand to help educate, diagnose and treat sleep apnea, insomnia and other disorders, and they will also re-schedule programs to begin later in the morning so participants can sleep in.

Day spas can get in on the trend by offering relaxation lounges for a post-treatment nap. At Dermalogica's flagship, Dermalogica on Montana in Santa Monica, California, the staff has already picked up on this trend. Customers can add on one or more Touch Therapies to their customized facials at $15 apiece for 15 minutes. One of those therapies is a 15-minute nap time that allows the client to remain in the room and doze off after a facial. It's something simple and easy that you could add to your own menu, that leaves clients truly relaxed and energized.

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