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Renew How-To: No-Scream Cream Bikini Wax

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM
renew how-to: No-Scream Cream Bikini Wax
company: Universal Companies/800-558-5571/
target conditions: Painless waxing service.
service summary:
1. Have client apply topical anesthetic No-Scream Cream 35-45 minutes prior to waxing.
2. Apply Relax & Wax easy-to-use hard wax evenly with a 6'' Disposable Wax Applicator for bikini waxing.
3. Let wax set for a few seconds.
4. Flick end of wax and remove in a steady, even, and quick motion, making sure not to pull in an upward motion. Keep wax close to skin.
5. Recommend your client use Get The Bump Outta Here at home that evening and every day after to prevent ingrown hair or bumps associated with hair removal.
recommended pricing strategy: $60
treatment duration: 15-30 minutes (not including No-Scream Cream application)

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