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Renew How-To: Good to Go

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM
renew how-to: Good to Go
company: Mineral Mine/800-338-1423/
target results: Beautiful skin.
service summary:
1. Using the Mineral Make-up Starter Kit, choose the
foundation shade that closely matches client's skin, take the Kabuki brush and swirl it into the mineral foundation and load the powder on the tips of the brush.
2. Buff the mineral foundation onto the face in light, gentle circular motions. Let it warm up on skin so color and coverage can develop.
3. If there is a blemish or a spot you would like to conceal, using the Camofluff brush, put a small amount of the lighter color of foundation on the flat-tipped brush
(golden hair brush).
4. Lightly dab the foundation on the spot. Let it sit. Load the Fluff part of the brush, touch up around the nose, around the mouth and wherever the Kabuki brush didn't cover.
5. Using the Cheekabuki brush from the kit, swirl it into the mineral bronzer.
6. Apply to cheek area or all over the face for a bronzed look.
7. Set make-up with Mini Mineral Mist spritzed all over the face.
recommended pricing strategy: $59.95 (includes starter kit)
treatment duration: 5 minutes

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