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Renew How-To: BCS (Birth Control Pill Skin) & Menopause Madness Skin

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM
renew how-to: BCS (Birth Control Pill Skin) & Menopause Madness Skin
company: GlyMed Plus/800-676-9667/
target condition: Dry skin caused by hormone shifts.
service summary:
1. Cleanse with Cell Science Mega-Purifying Cleanser. Remove, then cleanse again with Gentle Facial Wash and rinse.
2. Mist skin with Cell Science Skin Recovery Mist followed with an application of Living Cell Clarifier. Massage into skin.
3. Massage Cell Science Ultra-hydrating Enzyme Masque into skin for 2 minutes. Wrap face in warm towel for 5 minutes.
4. Remove masque. Mist Skin Recovery Mist, then reapply Living Cell Clarifier and 4 drops Skin Brightener.
5. Mix Cell Science Ultra Hydro Gel with 4-5 pumps of Cell Repair Serum and massage into skin. Apply Cell Science Eye Calm around the eyes and effleurage for 5 minutes.
6. Mix together 1 tsp E-Sensual Cell Cream/1/2 tsp Age Management Treatment Cream and 4-6 drops Ultimate Luxury Massage Oil. Massage into face and neck.
7. Apply GlyMed Plus Paraffin mask; remove after 10 minutes.
8. Apply Age Management Photo Age Protection 30.
recommended pricing strategy: $85
treatment duration: 45 minutes

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