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Renew How-To: Adjust Mineral Foundation

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM
renew how-to: Adjust Mineral Foundation
company: Mineral Mine/800-338-1423/
target results: Personalized foundation shades for clients.
service summary:
1. After looking at the Color Wheel, remove a piece of
blending paper and fold in half.
2. Choose a stock shade of loose foundation closest to the client's skin color. Empty the jar on the blending paper.
3. Use the Color Wheel to help choose the correct
toner color. For instance, if the shade is too pink,
add a green toner to neutralize.
4. After adding a small amount of toner color, blend the
foundation and toner with the blending knife, then fold the powder onto itself for even distribution. Add more toner if needed. Note the measurements on the formula card so it can be duplicated when the client returns.
5. Try it on the client's skin using Luscious Kabuki brush.
6. If color is correct, pour it into the jar. Tap the jar lightly to pack the powder down and insert the sifter.
7. Fill out "It's all Mine" Label and adhere to bottom of jar.
recommended pricing strategy: $35-$45
blending time: 10-15 minutes

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