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Renew How-To: Guyzilian Hair Removal Treatment

September 28, 2012 | 6:44 AM
company: Nufree/800-247-2405/
target results: Wax-free hair removal for men.
service summary:
1. Situate client on a flat table/bed at your waist height.
2. Trim hair in affected region if it is deemed too long for removal.
3. Do not "pre-prep" client with any product, as it will destroy the skin's proper balance; however, dry the skin well with paper.
4. Apply Nufree Nudesse to area desired for hair removal.
5. Apply long, thin Nufree strips to area.
6. Remove strip. Repeat around body as necessary, alternating sides of the body when removing pubic, beard, back or chest growth.
7. Apply finipil to treated areas. Client should continue to use finipil on damp skin daily after the removal to keep the skin sanitary and the follicles clean and free of foreign matter.
recommended pricing strategy: $55-$155
treatment duration: varies

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