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Renew How-To: 5x More Collagen LED Facial Treatment /Series

September 28, 2012 | 6:44 AM
renew how-to: 5x More Collagen LED Facial Treatment /Series
company: Skin Blends/877-754-6253/
target results: Increased fibroblasts and collagen production; increased blood flow to skin, which improves tone, texture and helps in wound healing; relaxed capillary dilation and decreased flushing; lightened pigmentation
service summary:
1. Cleanse skin with Combo Cleanser.
2. Tone skin with Combo Toner.
3. Perform microdermabrasion treatment.
4. Apply A+ Serum.
5. Brush on a layer of Green Tea Gel.
6. Perform Cold Light Therapy.
7. Massage in remaining Green Tea Gel.
8. Apply SPF 30 Lotion (if daytime).
recommended training: Skin Blends offers how to training for Microdermabrasion, Manual Microdermabrasion and Cold Light Therapy treatments.
recommended pricing strategy: $150-$200
treatment duration: 45-60 minutes

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