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Renew Asks: What was the Best Spa-related Class You Ever Attended and Why?

September 28, 2012 | 6:44 AM
“The best course I ever took was a course on essential oils coupled with reflexology. Of course it was hands on, and those skills have enabled me to help so many people in the past 10 years. Reflexology and essential oils are a part of almost every treatment I do now and my clients have become more aware of their body and how to take care of it naturally.”
Rickie Harmon
Faces First—The Art of Skin Care, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“I loved Lori Nestore’s class at the convention in Vegas. I already had her ‘Whole Ball of Wax’ video (available from Eva’s Esthetics) and I had a good grasp of waxing, but seeing it live, with her humor and enthusiasm, brought a whole new dimension to it. She was inspiring and I went to all her classes during the convention.”
Samantha Dench
Esthetician, Bensenville, Illinois

“I always love classes on nutrition and aging, which are helpful in working with aging clients’ skin care needs.”
Lupe Guthrie
Therapeutic Skin Care, Agoura Hills, California

“The best continuing education class I ever took was Aveda Business College. Their last offering of this full course was in Hammond, Louisiana, at the Neill Corporation. The four-day trip gave me the most extensive training I have ever received. From hands-on class work to ropes courses, it expanded my box beyond any other opportunity I have ever had.”
Laura Doughty
Tola Life Spa, Malibu, California

“The best continuing education class I ever took was The KRS Consulting program. It helped us grow our business and build a much stronger foundation for our salon/spa and our staff. It also opened our eyes and taught us that in the end, the most important person in our salon/spa is the service provider. This is now what we focus on the most because when you have happy service providers, you have happy customers.”
Lina Chammoury
Edges Salon and Spa, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I went to an esthetics conference in Las Vegas, and the class that I thought was the most beneficial was how to determine a client’s skin type. I think that is by far one of the most important things to know as an esthetician. I now determine what products I will use and what treatments will work best for clients based on their skin type. The importance of knowing a client’s skin type will also help me determine what products I will recommend they use for their home maintenance regimen.”
Susan Smith
Pampered Spa Specialties, Springfield, Missouri

“The best education I have received for the spa was taught at the Conservatory for Esthetics by Bioelements. They not only teach about their products, but they also teach business-building techniques, as well as technical information.”
Jackie Lewis
Forbici Salon and Spa, Arlington Heights, Illinois

“I strongly believe that your whole experience brings you to the point you are in. From that perspective, all of the classes I have ever taken contributed to my current success, starting from nursing college and a physiotherapy program in Russia, and ending with little tips that my clients and colleagues share here, at the spa. No one professional should stop gaining education. Go to classes, read literature, learn from mistakes and coincidental luck, listen to nature, collect and treasure every single pearl of knowledge, and don’t forget to give it back—you’ll earn great respect among your widely-growing, appreciative clientele.”
Svetlana Sharapova
A-Skin Care Salon, Arlington, Massachusetts

“The absolute best spa-related class that I ever took was last year on Skin of Color. It taught attendees how it was comprised, how to truly assess it, contraindications to watch out for and the most effective ways to treat it. As an African-American esthetician, I know that many of my peers don’t know much about skin of color and that is why there are always problems in trying to treat it. In the class, they covered everything from how to distinguish certain conditions, what treatments not to perform and the best treatment options for SOC groups. We were also taught that more mixed skins are coming into our treatment rooms and we needed to be doubly aware of what we were doing as skin care professionals. People in the class who were part of those SOC groups were able to share first-hand experiences both personal and professional.”
Nerissa Dyson
Turning Heads Spa and salon, New York, New York

“Without a doubt the best spa-related class I’ve ever attended was about six years ago at the M’lis Company. The energy of the M’lis representatives and their knowledge of this ‘natural world’ I knew nothing about at the time was fascinating. I felt like then, and now, that the goal of this company goes beyond trying to sell me their product. I myself had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years and all the doctors told me there was nothing I could do about it, until Julianne Holland put me through a 30-day detoxification and built up my immune system. I have not been sick since! I, along with my staff, attend the M’lis training several times a year. The company is always researching and updating their products and along with that their training to make sure that my business grows. They are behind us every step of the way. We definitely feel like they have partnered with us on this journey.”
Stephanie Peters
Eden Day Spa and Wellness Center, LaVerne, California

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