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Going Green: Earth-Friendly Options

September 28, 2012 | 6:44 AM
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Happy new year! For the renew staff, our resolution is to continue to provide you with the most relevant content on skin care, spas and running a business, and deliver what we've promised: the complete spa and wellness experience. And, in the spirit of wellness, we wanted to know what type of earth-friendly or organic elements your spas will feature in 2008. In our most recent Spa Proview survey, 116 respondents shared their thoughts on being green!

On the Shelves
Naturally based products aren't just a passing trend—an overwhelming 75 percent of respondents say their spa retails and/or uses natural or organic products in treatments. In fact, this percentage outweighs those who say they offer non-organic/natural products, hovering just under 70 percent. The most important factor in choosing a natural or organic product line? The quality of the product, followed by its efficacy, reputation and percentage of organic or natural ingredients. And, according to the panel, the last thing they consider when selecting an earth-friendly product line is its price.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
When going green, many spas go beyond product offerings and use earth-friendly elements throughout the business as well. Forty-two percent of panelists say their spas incorporate a natural emphasis on an everyday basis, and the most common way to do so is by recycling. Among the spas that do have a natural bent, more than two out of three say they are keen on the practice, whether it's using recycled paper for brochures and bags or recycling product containers and boxes. Spas are also going natural when it comes to the "little extras," by offering organic snacks, teas and wine, and even serving drinks in compostable cups made from corn. Interested in more easy, cost-effective ways owners are greening their spas? Read "Go Green Without Going Broke" on page 29.

Spa Proview Stats
  • green scene: Three out of four panelists say
    their spas sell or use natural or organic products.
  • the price is irrelevant: When choosing a natural or organic line to retail, only 2 percent of respondents say the most important factor to consider is the price.
  • let the sun shine: Some panelists say their spas use solar water heating and wind mill power generation.
  • again and again: More than 67 percent of spas that offer green elements say they recycle.
Join the Panel
Be sure to visit, to register as a member of our Spa Proview community! To participate, all you need is a passion for your work, an e-mail address and few minutes each month to answer simple online surveys. Don't worry, all responses and e-mail information are kept strictly confidential. We look forward to hearing from you!

Most of us are familiar with the basics of green décor—
compact fluorescent light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances—but many panelists are taking the concept to another level. Among the unique earth-friendly equipment/design ideas used in our panel's spas:

  • furniture made from sustainable products
  • organic or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint for the walls
  • cork or organic bamboo flooring
  • organic waste composting systems
  • solar water heating

Twenty-eight percent of respondents say their spas plan to add even more environmentally friendly elements in the next year. Would you like to as well? Check out The Green Spa for ideas to incorporate throughout the spa!

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