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September 28, 2012 | 6:44 AM
Cooler weather and falling leaves means back to school. But it's not about hitting the books this time. Continuing education is all about becoming a better skin care professional, with advanced training available for virtually any field you might be interested in. Think hands-on classes, exciting new services and business builders that will have real returns.

Experts agree that continuing education is a must for salon and spa professionals. In this rapidly changing industry—and with ever-savvy clients—professionals who aren't keeping up with the latest techniques and ingredients risk coming up short when clients demand more. Even estheticians focused on providing natural, low-tech treatments or a basic facial must be able to speak authoritatively during consultations about why a new product may or may not be the best choice for that client.

Particularly for novice estheticians, education is critical for well-rounded skills and career advancement. In a 2004 Spa Industry Study conducted by ISPA, respondents cited the lack of quality in the spa labor market as a "huge problem for the industry," specifically the lack of training apparent in some recent graduates. Even estheticians who have been practicing dozens of years may find themselves rejuvenated by classes out of their comfort zone or integrating ancient therapies, such as Reiki or acupressure, which have become popular in treatment rooms.
How often should you get back in the classroom? Paul Premo, vice president of education for Murad, says, "Take any opportunity to sit in a course, class or attend a medical or esthetics convention. Even take an online course if you need to." At the minimum, he says, consider taking a short seminar on a monthly basis, and a more extensive, multi-day course at least once a year. If you work in a doctor's office or are partnered with a dermatologist in your practice, every day should be an opportunity to learn more about how your work can complement each other's.

Nothing beats hands-on learning as the best way to truly understand a technique and learn the confidence to do it for the first time on a real client. Julie Goodsell, owner of Skin Smart in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, says her High Frequency and Galvanic Currents class at the International Dermal Institute was a real eye-opener. "It expanded my knowledge on those currents far more than what I'd get from a textbook or lecture," she says. "When you understand how something works, it is so much easier to apply it to your everyday job."
Premo says hot classes for the future run the gamut from nutrition to biotechnology as the industry takes a closer look at factors that impact skin health. For an esthetician unsure where to begin, experts say sitting in on as many classes as possible during a trade show or event is one
great way to get a sampling of what's out there. When you are ready for a more in-depth learning experience, talk to your manufacturer about subsidized education or rewards programs that let loyal buyers attend classes for a substantial discount.

Remember, the classes listed here are just a starting point. You'll need to contact your manufacturer for a complete class listing, locations and tuition information. Happy learning!

class catalog

body, hands & feet

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Learn how to smooth the appearance of cellulite, and slim and tone the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks in 30 minutes using Nature Pure Labs' new Lipo-Melt self-heating and contouring gel. See a step-by-step, hands-on demonstration. Ingeniously simple, natural and extremely effective, this treatment allows professionals even with limited budgets to achieve high results and earn new clients.
San Francisco, California

Body Bronzing Treatment
Learn the system of a polish, buffing and sunless tan, applied by hand, from St. Tropez. The training consists of a complete, 45-minute body bronzing demo from beginning to end. Training video is also available. In salon training. Call for information.

Body Wrapping and Add-on Services
This four-hour class taught by Set-N-Me-Free head trainer Debbie Owens showcases fun and easy-to-do services that do not require a salon shower. Services include aloe and herb no-compression wraps, toxin cleanse and size-loss techniques, and add-ons such as accompanying facials, neck treatments, underarm toning and more. At locations across the country.

Thermal Body Therapy
This two-day, hands-on class will teach you all you need to know about Dermalogica's new Professional Thermal Body Therapy Line and unique Thermal Therapies, featuring our exclusive Thermal Stamp and new body therapy techniques. Whether you are a one-room operation without wet facilities or work in a giant destination spa, this class will teach you how to perform the body treatments and new touch therapies that match your set-up. Learn about the concept of thermalism and its effect on the body, take the fluff out of your spa treatments, and actually see how you can provide real skin benefits and solutions to your clients. You will be required to both give and receive full body treatments. Prerequisite: Body Mapping. At International Dermal Institutes across the country and abroad.


Retailing Ground Rules
Want to know how you can increase client satisfaction and sales dollars at once? Retailing. In this class, Avance takes all the mystery and any guesswork out of retailing by providing a very specific formula that salons and spa can follow to effectively increase their sales at retail. What's more, when done properly, retail sales can substantially increase client satisfaction. It is the ideal way to complete a client's care. Course highlights include fundamentals of retailing, methods for creating an inviting retail sales area and effective methods for closing a sale. Academy of Aesthetics and Wellness, Fair Lawn, New Jersey


facial techniques

Jan Marini Skin Research offers comprehensive one-day continuing education seminars taught by Jan Marini herself. Two different curriculums are taught: The standard curriculum discusses the aging face, glycolic acid, topical vitamin C, transforming growth factor, interferon, kojic acid, azaleic acid, all-trans retinol, proteolytic enzymes, clinical case studies, marketing strategies, designing a skin care management system, and product selection and usage. Clinical photos and before and after studies will be shown. In cities across the country.

Intensive Mask Therapy
Learn about Pevonia's unique active ingredients and manufacturing processes that provide your clients incredible results and give you a professional edge. Master your product knowledge of Pevonia's professional oxygenating facial treatments and coordinating home care of the O2ptimal Line. Discover the negative effects of free radicals and how to address them. Understand the TEWL phenomenon and how to prevent water evaporating from the skin. Hands-on professional treatments include Luminous "C" and Sea, Oxygenating Mask with "C" Complexe Ampoule, Anti-Free-Radicals Facial and Myoxy-Caviar Treatment Mask. Miromar Lakes, Florida.

Sebum Control Massage
For the first time, an esthetician can both massage and treat oil-rich skin simultaneously. Bioelements has developed Sebum Control Massage Treatment, a specialized massage treatment gel for oily skin. This exclusive Sebum Control formula produces a biological action that actually helps to regulate and normalize oil secretions. The advanced formula, coupled with Bioelements exclusive massage technique, works synergistically to enable the esthetician to provide a soothing, non-stimulating massage, with sebum-regulating benefits. It's a treatment room essential. Open to Bioelements Partnership Spas, and free of charge to these spas. Bioelements Learning Centers across the country.


Glominerals Workshop
Managed by a highly experienced team of regional managers, sales consultants readily provide extensive product education and training, assist with clients' in-house promotions and offer additional account support in their territory at glominerals centers around the country. The mineral make-up line delivers UV protection, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and antioxidant benefits, while incorporating the latest beauty innovations in a classic and stylish color palette. In cities across the country.

Supermodel Make-up
Learn how to recreate the most important fashion runway looks of the season. Our Your Name Professional Master Educator will review the creative process of analyzing the looks of the season and demonstrating key techniques and products for creating the supermodel look. In this class you will learn the creative, multi-dimensional approach to make-up and understand how to create a story with make-up. This event is developed for make-up artists who have a working knowledge of basic make-up skills and techniques. Your Name Professional Brands, SoHo Studio, New York City
800-221-3071 x 3363


medical spa

Advanced Microcurrent Theory
David Suzuki, president of Bio-Therapeutic, Inc., and Jennifer McDaniel of the Bio-Therapeutic Institute of Technology, will present an in-depth discussion regarding the latest cutting edge microcurrent age-defying services available for skin care therapists, including the world famous Turbo Lift and Platinum Peptide Lift. The class will include protocols, applications, modalities, efficacy studies, and clinical trials, as well as antiaging business strategies, with tips on marketing profitable microcurrent services, creating signature services, and layering technology to maximize results and your financial possibilities. In cities across the country.

Cellulite Treatment
Silhouet-Tone has combined deep, subdermal massage and light-based technology to access and successfully treat cellulite at all levels with the Lumicell Touch machine. Other benefits include re-oxygenation of the skin, increased circulation, elimination of muscular tension and restoration of vital energy centers.

Cold Light Therapy
This class, presented by Skin Blends' Kathleen Carney, will focus on low-level light therapy treatments. We will cover realistic skin benefits, and what to look for in purchasing a machine. Attendees will see an actual light therapy treatment being performed while gaining an understanding about how light therapy works and learning how easy it is to perform. You will also learn: what do the different colors of light do; the difference between Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines; how to consult with a client to sell LED treatments and explain benefits; how and when to perform Cold Light Therapy. Call for dates and location.

Opening or Expanding a Medi-Spa
Successful medical spa consultants Pam and Harry Williams bring years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to this one-day workshop. Whether you are thinking about opening a new medical spa or expanding your practice to include medical spa services, this is a day you won't want to miss. Content will include: Defining your medical spa vision; medical esthetics; health and wellness; estimating costs; site selection; interior design; treatments and products; spa equipment and medical aesthetic devices; marketing dynamics; financial projections; milestones; keys to success; licensure; regulation and an overview of the development process. Universal Companies, Abingdon, Virginia

Traumatized Skin Care
Cosmetic surgery has become an important elective modality of age-management treatment by millions of today's consumers. Cosmetic enhancement is not without rebounding effects including, but not limited to, redness, bruising, edema and other common consequences caused by laser, invasive surgery (face-lifts, eye, liposuction), IPL, chemical peels and more. The most frequent question asked by these clients who elect this form of age management is how soon will they recover and look "normal" again. Master Esthetician Christine Heathman, CME, LMT has committed the majority of her career to pre- and post-operative cosmetic and reconstructive patients and understands what is needed to transcend skin from trauma to normal. Learn in this one-day interactive/demonstrative class the secrets and how-tos in treating pre and post-operative skin. Classes currently offered in San Francisco, California; Salt Lake and Spanish Fork, Utah at the GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Sciences.


product knowledge

Cosmetic Chemistry
Work side by side with a cosmetic chemistry master, Peter T. Pugliese, M.D, founder of Circadia by Dr.Pugliese. This four-day course is designed to provide the esthetician with a basic understanding of the ingredients in cosmetic products, how they are formulated in the laboratory, and how products are manufactured. What you will learn is: basic laboratory equipment, weighing and measuring ingredients, using the pH meter, emulsions technology, gels and creams, selection of ingredients and how to design a formula. Students make six products, ranging from a skin cleanser to an anti-aging product, and are encouraged to bring their own products with them for analysis.
Circadia Skin Care Institute, Reading, Pennsylvania.

Functional Ingredients & Emerging Technologies
Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad, will present a panel discussion on the science of functional ingredients and new technologies that are driving the growth of skin care and the personal care industry worldwide, including facts about peptides, antioxidants, nano-delivery systems, phytochemicals and internal skin care from a panel of leading authorities. Objectives: Understanding the functionality and ingredient systems, vehicle and dose dependency, molecular size and skin permeation and clinical assessment of formula efficacy; an evaluation of new emerging technologies and their effect on the future of product development; and the critical role of Inclusive Health in dermatology and esthetics. In cities across the country.


general education

DermAware Post-Show Classes
This one-day class is customized to fit the needs of show attendees and includes both hands-on training as well as lecture. It is divided into three segments: DermAware Signature Facial, DermAware Resurfacing Peel and product knowledge. It is filled with knowledge including science and technology, ingredient knowledge and new
marketing ideas. Great class for a beginner or those looking to refresh. In cities across the country.

Post-Graduate Courses
The main educational program consists of an intensive schedule of classes offered on a weekly basis. Classes include one, two, three or five day courses on several different topics such as: skin analysis, product knowledge, acne treatments, lymphatic drainage, body wraps, facial equipment, make-up and much more. This program deals with skin care theories and services in much greater detail, and are recommended for the specialist who feels they need more training or practice in certain areas. At the International Training Center and cities across the country.



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