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Oribe's Inspirational Workshops in NYC

Lauren Salapatek | October 1, 2012 | 12:32 PM

Oribe's Inspirational Workshops in NYCStylists from around the country came together in New York City on September 17, 18 and 19, 2012, for a series of one-day workshops with Oribe. The intimate, 20-student classes allowed stylists to get up close and personal with their icon, learning from him and getting his feedback on their own work. “This was an incredible educational experience,” Oribe said. “Because the classes were so intimate, I really got a chance to work with and get to know everyone. Teaching others is what helps me learn—I’m getting as much as I’m giving, plus, I’m having fun!”

Each workshop began with Oribe talking about his philosophy on hair and discussing some of his recent work. The highly interactive classes continued with him demonstrating several looks while taking questions from the audience and sharing his tips and techniques. Stylists then broke off on their own to recreate two of the looks—and add their own personal touches.

The first look featured soft, classic waves using a set with recently repackaged Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray. The style was a sneak preview of the look Oribe created for Heidi Klum for Sunday night’s Emmy Awards.

The second look was inspired by the movie Snow White and the Huntsman and its intricately braided and twisted updos. Using Sculpting Cream, stylists were able to shape, twist, braid and define styles that expressed their voice and creativity.

Oribe's Inspirational Workshops in NYC

After each look was complete, the stylists joined Oribe for a photo shoot, where Oribe shared his tricks for getting the perfect shot. “It was great to work with each stylist on set and show them what I usually do on a shoot,” Oribe said. “They got to learn about lighting, photography and more.”

“Overall, it was an amazing week,” Oribe said. “There were so many talented stylists in attendance, and it was nice to touch base with them and give them new ideas to use in the salon. Part of the workshop was showing them how to get high-quality, luxurious hair, but there was also an element of working artistically with your hands, which is something we promote at Oribe Hair Care.”

“I’m very grateful to have been there amongst such talented artists, from Oribe and Judy to all of the other stylists in attendance,” said Billy Malloy of Parlour Salon in Washington, D.C. “I learned several different applications of the products that I can’t wait to bring back to our salon. Plus, Oribe is funny as hell!”

“These workshops really strengthened our bond with our salon partners in a very meaningful way,” said Daniel Kaner, co-president of Oribe Hair Care. “For one week, we created an exchange between all levels of our support team—from sales and marketing to education and finance—and the stylists and owners in our network. The feedback was extraordinary—some of the phrases we heard were 'life-altering' 'bucket list-worthy' and 'game-changing'—letting us know that the workshops truly showcased the Oribe Hair Care brand and family.”

Oribe's Inspirational Workshops in NYC

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