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Christina’s Wild New Music Video Styles

Jessica Galliart | October 1, 2012 | 10:59 PM


Wigs! Rainbow extensions! Braids!

The hairstyles seen in Christina Aguilera’s new music video for “Your Body” toe the line between nostalgic and trendy, as she continues to experiment with wild colors and interesting textures. The pop star is no stranger to head-turning looks throughout her years in the spotlight, which her mane man Mark Townsend—who also creates her lustworthy looks seen on “The Voice”—told People magazine inspired many of the characters, each sporting different styles, seen in “Your Body.” “We called the look ‘Updated Xtina,’” Townsend said. “Christina is very visual so when she told me her ideas about having colors in her hair, I immediately started gathering examples of colors I thought would work well with her blonde hair and she said, ‘I love them all!’”

To create the looks—a retro curly lavender bob, sleek graduated pink strands with blunt fringe, rainbow-colored extensions, a wrap-around braided updo and head of full and thick braids—Townsend said he used temporary spray-on color and Manic Panic dye to achieve the looks. Here are a few closeups of some of the looks seen in the video.



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