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Aveda Green Science Skin Renewing Treatment

October 3, 2012 | 1:07 PM
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1. Perform first Spa Ritual, the Whole Body Approach. Apply warm, aromatic steam towels on the feet with compressions. Conduct skin consultation, then perform a Sensory Journey, the second ritual. Have guest pick an aroma.
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2. Perform the third ritual, the Opening Ritual by placing one to two drops of the aroma onto your wrists. Apply Aromatic Steam Towel for fourth ritual. Slide it underneath the neck and around the shoulders. Perform compressions. Follow with cleansing and analyzing skin.
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3. Spray the face, neck and décolleté with Perfecting Plant Peel Activating Spray. Apply Perfecting Plant Peel Thermal Masque. Leave masque on for 10 minutes, then spray skin with Activating Spray. Gently massage skin for one minute, then remove masque. Follow with Activating Spray.
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4. Apply Green Science Line Minimizer to one lined or wrinkled area at a time, beginning with the forehead. Manipulate Line Minimizer into the skin in the direction of lines and wrinkles, pushing and pulling gently in opposite directions to infuse the product into the skin.
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5. Perform massage on the face, neck and décolleté using Green Science Masque-age and Green Science Signature 5 Phase Massage. Apply Masque-age, then during the first phase, focus on the nervous system by performing gentle effleurage movements.
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6. Perform second phase massage, opening the energetic centers to improve the proper flow of energy to the entire facial region.
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7. For the third phase, stimulate the lymphatic system at the base of the clavicle where the system for the head and face begin. Lymphatic fluid is responsible for removal of wastes, toxins and impurities.
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8. Perform the fourth phase, stimulating the circulatory and muscular systems, using the base of the thumb. This covers the most surface area and brings more blood to the face, neck and décolleté for better nourishment of the skin.
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9. For the final phase, focus on the connective tissue with this lifting, rolling and smoothing massage technique to target lines and wrinkles, and help “unbind” collagen and elastin fiber bundles.
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10. Remove Masque-age from the skin, then begin eye focus using the connective tissue lift and roll technique over eye area. Place a masque brush into ice water, then massage eye area. Follow with Green Science Eye Crème. Wrap a small, warm stone in dry cotton, then effleurage the orbital bone region with the bundle.
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11. Next, focus on the lips. Dispense a small amount of Lip Saver onto a disposable mascara wand and exfoliate the lips by brushing the wand lightly back and forth across the lip area. Follow with an application of Line Minimizer at the lip line and then use the connective tissue lift and roll technique over the entire area.
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12. Finish with a focus on the neck and décolleté. Perform connective tissue lift and roll, then alternating warm and cool, use flat basalt stones to effleurage the décolleté region. Finish with Skin Firming/Toning Mist, Green Science Lifting Serum, Firming Eye Cream and Firming Face Cream, followed by the closing ritual and finishing touch.
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The ultimate in facial fitness.

Aveda Green Science Skin Renewing Treatment

When Michael Anthony opened the first Michael Anthony Aveda Salon 18 years ago, he noticed that there was a demand for spa services. So within a year, he added a day spa. That was 17 years and three stores ago—he now owns four salon/spas in the Chicago area, including the newest, which opened just last fall in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. The beautiful, sunny location, with floor-to-ceiling windows lining the storefront, was previously set up as a salon and spa, so renovations were minimal to the downstairs spa area. The spa has a natural feel, with neutral colors, dim lighting and a soothing ambiance.

The Wicker Park location is the biggest of the four spas, but only four of its eight treatment rooms are currently set up and being used. “We’re in the process of coming up with what we want to do with the extra space,” says Anthony. “We’ve thought about putting in a private, men’s manicure and pedicure area, or a Thai massage room.” Downstairs, adjacent to the spa, there are four pedicure stations and three manicure stations. The most popular treatments on the menu, though, are the Aveda facials. 

“We’ve been with Aveda all 18 years, through thick and thin,” says Anthony. “The education is quite good, and on the product and development side, we’re still able to offer versions of the different types of products that come out.” For instance, he says, when microdermabrasion became popular, they could have added the machine into their spa immediately, but instead decided to wait until Aveda came out with a treatment that had that concept in mind. “In some cases, you could say it’s a missed opportunity, but we want to stay with what’s natural. That’s who we’ve been. We don’t want to spin off into doing medical spa and injectibles—that’s not our forté, let other places do that.”

Despite the current economic situation, Anthony says the spa is doing well—contrary to popular opinion, in times like these, sales often get better. “People may not go on vacation—they don’t drive, they stay put,” he says. “They will go to the spa instead and have a service, and spend a couple of hundred bucks to treat themselves, instead of thousands on a trip.”

Aveda Green Science Skin Renewing TreatmentTherapist: Shelley Bawiec, Director of Spa Sales & Education for Aveda

Spa: Michael Anthony Aveda SalonSpa, Chicago, Illinois

Products: Aveda

Snapshot: This skin renewing service uses botanicals to treat the conditions of skin aging. It also utilizes Aveda Spa Rituals for stress reduction and wellness.

Contraindications: none

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $130

Recommended home care:

Morning: Purifying Cream Cleanser, Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming Toning Agent, Lifting Serum, Firming Eye Cream, Firming Face Cream and Dual Nature Face Protection SPF 15;

Night: Pure Comfort Eye Make-up Remover, Purifying Cream Cleanser, Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming Toning Agent, Lifting Serum, Line Minimizer, Firming Eye Cream and Firming Face Cream.

The science behind green science

Aveda Green Science Skin Renewing Treatment

For clients to experience the full benefits of the Green Science facial, the four take-home products from the line are must-haves! Combined, Green Science’s Lifting Serum, Firming Face Cream, Firming Eye Cream and Line Minimizer are clinically proven to show results in four weeks. Clinical trials using the products showed a 41 percent more lifted appearance and a 37 percent reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles. And of course, the products stay true to Aveda’s mission. Three of the four consumer products and one of the professional products, Masque-Age, use organic argan oil, which comes from the nut of the fruit of the argan tree, which grows in Morocco.


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