Be Color Safe: Follow Directions

Carlos Valenzuela | October 3, 2012 | 9:44 PM

You can tell mucho about a color company by the way they give directions. How to mix a tinte comes in a variety of presentations from economical to snazzy.

There is the company that likes to tell a historia, the tint being the major persona, with developer, level and maybe a beaker or bowl in supporting roles. Only colorists with eagle eyes, that can read a font 3, can use this tint. The directions come in a multi-fold wrapper in several ideomas. One Spanish translation directed us to mix tinte in a bucket, another to rinse animal hair until water runs clear.

Bueno, let’s award an A for effort, at least they tried.  Be Color Safe: Follow Directions

You must be muy rapido or experienced colorists to use the directions on the tube option, because once you start squeezing el tubo, the directions, and warnings are useless. ¿Que dice?

 There is the instrucciones on the inside of the box option, which you totally destroy upon opening the box. I don’t neatly cut a box open consequently; I have never really read these directions.

 If you are new to your salon’s color line, the next challenge is understanding a fellow worker’s directions.

 “Martha, comodo you mix this tint?”

“Ay, mi amor, you need certification classes before you do anything.”

“Ok. But, en este momento, I have a client in my silla. I am thinking these two in equal parts and 20 volume for a chestnut, brown effect?”

“I used one of them on a woman who just had surgery, and it turned pink. I am thinking this had something to do with it.”

“Ok. Forget it”

“Cuidado, because Señora Lopez, said it made her look muyold. She is almost 60,quepasa?”

“Ok, gracias.”

 It is a well-documented fact that hombres will not ask or give you good directions. This has to be a biological thing.

“Just mix it up, Dude. Beat the developer until it gets muy creamy.”

“Bueno,” as you give a high cinco and run.

 Here is my insurance on how to stay color safe.

One: talk to the cliente,

~Ask client what she likes and dislikes about her color.

~Ask client where she wants to go, what would she like to see?
~Do this using the color chart as a tool to point out colors/shades

 Two: Take a buen look at what you are working with.

~Before you recommend a color service, study the condition of the hair: what is the natural level, the tinted level, the condition of the hair, is it short or long. What is realistically possible?

~Recommend a color that preserves the integrity of the hair as much as possible, Keep healthy, bouncy, vibrant hair in mind.

 Three: How to formulate a color?

After 35+ years of using multiple color lines, I always come back to the beauty school rules:

 What is the level?

1. What do you want to achieve?

2. Select color level+developer to attain your results.


 Hasta pronto,


  Carlos Valenzuela is president of Carlos Valenzuela Resources, LLC, holds a Masters in International Management; he is a consultant on Latino outreach/marketing, a licensed instructor, author, and motivational speaker.
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