Italian vs. American Salons:an Interview with Giugiu'Parrucchiere

Valeria Fanelli | October 4, 2012 | 12:26 PM
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If I needed to choose three words to describe salons in the U.S., I would probably say they are big, efficient and spacious. I am now used to salon style here, but when I travel back to Italy, my home country, I always like to visit my favorite salon. There is something about salons over there that totally belongs to the Italian lifestyle. They are usually small, cozy places and hospitality is always great.

Last time I was in Italy I needed to get my hair done and I went to my official salon: Giugiu' Parrucchiere. The place is a little temple of beauty, with violet walls and exotic smells.

Giugiu' is famous in Eastern part of Rome for being a great hairdresser who uses only natural products. The word “parrucchiere” means hairdresser in Italian. His name is Giulio D'esposito and I could not resist asking him for interview, while getting my hair done. Italian vs. American Salons:an Interview with Giugiu'Parrucchiere

Valeria Fanelli: What are the latest Italian trends for cuts, style and color?

Giulio D'esposito: Italian trends vary depending on the costumer’s age. Young women are very influenced by TV shows and music icons. There are two Italian singers who are really popular in Italy at the moment, Emma and Alessandra Amoroso, who change their look continuously. I was often asked to copy their cuts or styles. Mature women identify themselves more with TV broadcasters or elegant women in the show business. I always show them many catalogs with the latest International trends, but they are always looking for that “one more special thing.”

 Every cut I make is not just a copy of what they ask me. I like to create and personalize their style, depending on my client’s needs. My job is based on a good communication with my costumers and I always observe them meticulously. I create my own image of the client with the cut and style I am going to execute. They give me the inspiration. My mind transmits the signal to my hands.

VF: What products do you use?

GD: My products are all rigorously eco-friendly. I hate ammonia and everything that is chemical. I do not understand why we should use ‘dead’ products when everything we need can come from nature. The products I use are all made by essential oils, plants and flowers coming from organic factories. They are all nickel, paraben and formaldehyde-free.

VF: What products would you suggest and why?

GD: All my products, of course! I think every woman should use only natural products. The impact that chemicals and smog have on our bodies are so bad for us that I feel we should surround ourselves with everything that nature can offer us. Our health depends from the choices that we make.

VF: What styles are your clients requesting the most? Are there any specific celebrity styles that are most popular?

GD: Celebrity hair styles have a big influence in my business. From Italy to Hollywood, people always ask me to copy their idols look. And it doesn’t matter if it is an American, Italian, Spanish or a Japanese star: if a style looks good, it looks good.

VF: Is there a difference in styling/coloring/cutting techniques, between Italy and the U.S.?

GD: Italy and its history, colors and flavors have always been an inspiration for the rest of the world! As Italians, we feel unique and special! But we are also very open and we like to get inspired by other countries. The great thing about thinking internationally is the harmony that comes out after mixing different techniques and styles.

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