42 Looks You NEED to See from the Aveda Mid-America Show 2014

Lauren Quick | October 14, 2014 | 7:32 AM
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Ray Civello of Aveda Canada
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Aveda Canada team
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Jon Reyman
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Model before
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Model during
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Janell Geason
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Ian Michael Black
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Tippi Shorter
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Ricardo Dinis presentation
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Tim Howard presentation
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Allen Ruiz
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Aveda team
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The Aveda Global Artistic Team and Aveda guest artists from North America showcased new techniques on stage at the Mid-America Show in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sept. 28, 2014.


Big news came when it was announced that Learn Aveda, an online education program for Aveda salons and schools, is being launched. The program provides 24/7, self-paced learning with step-by-step videos and an emphasis on body placement.

Learn Aveda currently has 15 cut and 10 technique videos available via online subscription, and there are plans to launch styling, men's cut and styling, and color videos over time. More information to come. 

Aveda is also introducing new Enlightener Blonde Finish Protective Toner in beige, violet ash and gold in 2015. The toner has a 5-minute development time and can be used as an add-on service.


The show opened with an introduction from Aveda Tribal Elder Shivnath Tandon. Tandon discussed embracing change and influencing change within Aveda and the world. "We cannot live in the past," Tandon said. "We must live in the future. We must change."


Following Tandon was the Aveda Canada Team led by Ray Civello, president of Aveda Canada. The three-segment show called Sustainable Human encouraged breaking boundaries, liberating and being a catalyst for change. The striking visuals produced by the team were accompanied by live cutting and styling.


Jon Reyman emphasized body wellness in his cut-and-style presentation. He noted that soft, textured styles are more in favor for 2015 than some of the blunt styles we've seen the past few years.


Aveda Vice President of Research and Development Pat Peterson Werre took a moment from the hair-filled stage to discuss the science of Aveda and why plants are "Aveda's best chemists." Peterson Werre reminded the audience of Aveda's commitment not to use petroleum in its products.


NAHA finalist and Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup Janell Geason took the stage to recreate some of her NAHA looks, which were a collection called Night Bloom and featured her own daughter as the model. Geason said florals continue to be a focus in fall and winter fashion, and used that inspiration to create unique looks, including a smokey eye, using colors from Aveda's Romantic Grandeur and Twinkling Eyes Holiday collections.


The last artist before a brief intermission, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Haircolor Ian Michael Black found inspiration in his travels to Africa and Asia. He showed how to use thin veils of pastels under a silvery-white blonde to incite an exciting yet demure style influenced by the Maasai people of East Africa. Black also showcased all-out color with his Asia-inspired looks.


Aveda Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair Tippi Shorter picked up after the break with exciting ways to create texture and play with styling. For a client with smooth, straight hair, Shorter used a metal clip, wrapped the hair in and around it, and flatironed it before letting it cool. The result was editorial, big textured hair. Shorter also crocheted various types of yarn into braids for looks worth a double-take.


Sculptural haircuts were the focus of Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting Ricardo Dinis' presentation. Stark, clean, dramatic lines and shapes were a marriage of artistry and immense technical experience on Dinis' part. Dinis also highlighted the importance of the people he works with in his personal and professional life. "We're so much stronger and better at what we do when we work with people we love and admire and respect," Dinis said.


Men's cut and styles by Tim Howard energized the audience as he gave tips for hard-parts and disconnected styles that were on display during the 2014 World Cup. "The cut isn't enough anymore," Howard said of men's cut and styling. "To be competitive, you have to be really good at style."


The Aveda team took time to pay a heartfelt tribute to late founder Horst Rechelbacher, who passed earlier this year. Rechelbacher lived the Aveda mission and was the catalyst for change that Tandon spoke of at the opening of the show.


Finally, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling Allen Ruiz closed with Chameleon Stealth, a collection with models styled as reptilian and serpentine goddesses with crimped textures and lots of volume.




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