How to Become a Leader at Your Salon

Rosanne Ullman | July 10, 2011 | 10:11 AM

To have a successful career in the salon industry, you must be your own advocate. In your first job, you're learning from everyone around you. Still, it won't take long for the natural leaders to emerge from the "freshman class" at the salon.

You can become a leader by thinking like one. Industry consultant Susan Papageorgio offers guidelines that can put you on the path to leadership thinking, a change in mental state so dramatic that she calls them her "10 Opportunities to Transform Your Life":

1. L.E.A.D. Become an inspired leader by: Letting go; exploring what you want to learn; asking questions, doing what it takes to create new habits of success.

2. Choose your attitude.
Manage your energy and state of mind. Inspired leaders choose their attitude and response in every situation. You can choose to act as an inspired leader in every situation.

3. Walk you talk.
Be clear on your team values and guidelines. Inspired leaders continually "model the process" and are great examples for their team members and clients.

4. Have a clear vision.
A clear vision is the ability to focus on what you want to create. Inspired leaders have the ability to hold the vision of success and consistently work toward their goals.

5. Embrace mistakes.
Embrace mistakes rather than fear them. Leaders treat mistakes as discoveries about what is not working; inspired leaders focus on opportunities to improve and learn from every experience.

6. Celebrate differences.
Recognize the differences in others' personalities and communication styles. Inspired leaders adjust their communication style to connect with and influence others.

7. Celebrate and use guidelines.
Transform rules and policies into guidelines. Guidelines are used to help others to build the skills for success. Inspired leaders focus on being a good example and mentor and coaching others toward success.

8. Become a master communicator.
Inspired leaders have mastered the art and skills of verbal and nonverbal communication. They frequently ask questions and are attentive listeners. They create long-term relationships with their clients and continually attract new clients.

9. Start from the heart.
Inspired leaders treat every person like a valued customer. They serve from their heart in all that they do.

10. Bounce the ball.
Inspired leaders are always growing, improving and getting better. They have their focus on what will create a happy and successful life.


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