Tips on giving salon clients faux eyelashes

Rosanne Ullman | July 10, 2011 | 10:12 AM

When a client's lashes are sparse and mascara isn't doing the trick, introduce her to faux lashes. Short lashes look very natural; she may even want to make them a part of her daily grooming routine. Longer lashes are great for a glamorous night on the town or an event where the photographer will be snapping away.

singles or strips?

The first decision is whether to use individual lashes or a strip. Professional make-up artist Heather Currie applies them individually, but says that it's probably easier for clients to use the strip. You can show the client either method, or you can teach her to apply the strip but when she's in the salon you can apply the individual lashes.

"At first clients may have a difficult putting them on themselves, but with practice they'll get better," says Currie. She encourages stylists and clients to sample different brands until you find a good glue and easy lashes to work with.

2 more tips

"With strips, I find they fit better when I trim the inner-eye corner," Currie notes. "I almost never use the full strip. Everyone's eye is a different size."

Currie advises applying mascara to the client's real lashes before attaching the fake ones. "That gives a good base to the strip," she explains. "You don't need to apply any mascara on the fake lashes, unless your client wants to look over the top."

Tips on giving salon clients faux eyelashes
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