Stay hyped up during the holiday season

Modern Salon | July 10, 2011 | 10:13 AM
A rigorous holiday season adds stress and drains stamina. Geno Stampora (, recently named by NAHA into the prestigious Hall of Leaders, knows how to keep salons and their teams hyped up for the holidays.

Stay hyped up during the holiday seasonFocus on the Future

Salon professionals who pay attention and push themselves out of their comfort zones will be the ones who will build their clientele and be in good shape for all of 2010. Biggest goal: Get every client who comes in to reschedule.

Got Stress? Hide it
The minute you show your stress to clients, they relate that to your ability to perform their services well. The worst thing you can do is to lean in and say, “I’m having a crazy day today.”

Find the Humor
And keep a steady supply nearby. (I keep a Lewis Black CD in my car and a Jerry Seinfeld book in my suitcase as mood management ammo.)

Some people take life so seriously and themselves so lightly. Reverse it: Take yourself seriously and let the rest of it go—customers’ problems, co-workers venting, etc. Work on your goals, your standards, things you can control. Be the one who turns mountains into molehills.

Do Great Work
Creativity and satisfaction are antidotes to stress. They’re also powerful motivators and lead to walking, talking, beautiful billboards to generate more business and referrals.

Pace Yourself
Inside the salon and out. Be selective with your personal calendar. October through January is your peak season, not the time to party. You are running a marathon.

On the flip side, to make up for earlier slow months and to keep this year’s holiday revenues at the level you want and expect, be willing to work overtime, add hours, be accessible.
Shop Smart
Do your own holiday shopping early. Go a step further—and smarter—and make every gift you buy this year pertain to beauty. You can provide 100-percent value at 50-percent cost. Go to your CosmoProf store and shop!

Be a Product Expert
The time has come for all of us to learn how to sell our services and products, and to talk about them in terms of the value they and we provide. Selling is nothing more than a transfer of belief and passion.

Be Loyal
Give clients your loyalty. Commit to staying on time. (If you have a squeeze-in, do it at the beginning or end of the day.) Dress for your clients. Represent the quality of who you are and quality of your salon. Get to the salon a few minutes early and shut off your cell phone. Talk beauty, and do it in your own beautiful, heartfelt, creative way, and you will succeed!

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