The Gift of You

Modern Salon | July 10, 2011 | 10:13 AM
The Gift of YouAs you prepare for the holiday season in the salon and in your own home, remember to take a moment each day to reflect on the value of what you, personally, bring to the salon and beauty community. To help remind you and guide you through the busy and exciting weeks ahead, here are a few of our wishes and affirmations. We hope you will revisit them often.

Be aware of the joy you bring people.

Yours is an especially meaningful career. You touch people all year-round, but the sanctuary and boost you provide your clients during the holidays is particularly cherished.

Be an ambassador of beauty. Celebrate and represent your profession the best way you can, each and every day. Put a little extra time and sparkle into your personal image, hair, make-up, nails and wardrobe during the holidays. You’ll feel better and your holiday sparkle will be contagious and generate success.

Commit to prosperity. On your commute to the salon each day, ask yourself what you can do to build your own personal wealth as well as the success of your salon. You deserve comfort, joy and security. Focus on the simple things you can do each day to add dollars to your service ticket. Set a personal retail and promotion goal for each day. Exceed it!

Look in the mirror each morning and smile. See yourself as you want your clients to see you. Tell yourself that you are going to have a great day. Then go make it happen.
Take care of yourself. You do beautiful work, but in what can be a grueling environment. Your feet, hands, back, voice and mind are tested to the limit during this intense season. Get the rest you need to recharge. Eat healthy meals and snacks, and drink extra water. If you have a five-minute break, use it wisely. Try to find a quiet spot. Breathe!

Feed your spirit. The more you love what you do, the more sustained and successful you will be. Think about a way to customize this holiday season for you and your clients to keep it fun and creative, but professionally rewarding, too. Consider keeping a holiday journal, recording photos of your best work, and notes on your best moments and salon successes, both service and retail. Conclude with your creative and business resolutions for the new year.

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