Dominique's Beacon Blog: Day Two plus NAHA!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 10:17 AM
Day 2

Hi again-Dominique, here. We have a lot of seminars today and I can't wait to hear what these great hairdressers and marketers have to say. I have my business cards ready as  I know I can use their insights to help me be where I want to be in this industry.

Oh yeah-NAHA is tonight and I am so excited! I would have never thought in a million years I would be attending-and as a Beacon winner! This is a dream come true!

Dominique's Beacon Blog: Day Two plus NAHA!We are attending a session with other cosmetologist and salon owners-we have table markers that say Beacon that means we are being recognized already: this is such a great feeling!!

Bruce Carry is doing the opening and guess what Tabatha Coffey is coming back to talk to us! Tabatha spoke to us about being involved and how to market ourselves. She offered great pointers and stories.

Cythia DeSoto gave us some exercises on looking at beauty in another way: "inner beauty." She is right on target-I feel good when I make one of my clients feel good about themselves. She says, "Beauty is the expression of the soul." I will take that quote with me, for sure.

After lunch, Geno is back to speak with us. He has so much information and is really dedicated to helping us with our future plans-he is such a great speaker. He says the Master Rule to becomming successful in this industry is "10% of time and 10% of income" and that we also need passion-that's something I've got. Oh, we also heard from Vivienne Mackinder and Pamela Gold!
(AND we got another gift bag-but this one has products!)

Networking time
Jody Laurence is our speaker now all the speakers have been great and inspirational but she stands out to me. She works for CBS studios and is in the entertainment industry-exactly what I want to do! Now I can have the knowledge on how I can get started.
We got a gift bag from Solano and a couple of students got to take home a flatiron, blow dryer, and curlers. How cool!

Charles Marcus' story blew me away. I literally wanted to cry not because it was sad but it was very touching. He is a very courageous man and the teaching I will take from him is the word MAGIC: Memorable Attitude-positive Gracious Integrity Commitment.

For open mic we heard from more great leaders such as Larry Curtis, Phillip Wilson, Van Micheal amd Steve Shardean.

Well time to get ready for NAHA-I'm so excited! Wow, I still can't believe I'm here listening and seeing all these great people I've only seen in pictures-wondering to myself, "how can I be like that??"

Everyone so far has different roles they play in this industry but it's nice to know that they all have one thing in common: they were all just like us sitting here as students listening to so many great leaders talk about how they got started and their long journeys to success. This is so inspirational.

Dominique's Beacon Blog: Day Two plus NAHA!NAHA
The NAHA awards were great! Wow I still can't believe I was sitting there-so so much great and beautiful work, this is so inspiring. What a emotional time it is for me to see how these people had so much passion for what they do and how they have expanded beyond just being another face in the salon. They have made a name for themselves they are all winners to me! That is gonna be me one day up there on that stage!!

Write soon!

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