Beacon Blogger: Lindsey Venable - Day One of Beacon!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 10:17 AM
Beacon Blogger: Lindsey Venable - Day One of Beacon!Takin' Off!

I planned to wake up at 7am but, naturally, I hit the snooze button 'til 7:30am. Not bad, but not great. I finally rolled out of bed and started transferring my things from one purse to another. I began packing my not-so-important clothes into my suitcase while my mom (I took all the help I could get) ironed my dresses. I quickly got ready while she finished putting my dresses into my suitcase. We finally left the house at 11am and were on our way to O'Hare airport. I arrived about thirty minutes early but it gave me a chance to check in and get my boarding pass. I met up with a student from the day classes at my beauty school, and we buddy-ed up for the trip. This trip was an excellent way for me to get better-acquainted with students that I haven't met from the day class because we only see each other in passing while we're at school.

We walked through security and were finally on our way to the terminal. We waited for about a half hour and then boarded the plane. Before I knew it we were already halfway there! The minute we landed we grabbed our bags and were shuttled over to the Luxor hotel where our luggage was dropped off. We drove over to the Mandalay Bay Resort where we were able to hear Geno Stampora speak along with Sherri Jessee and Tabatha Coffey at PBA's Beacon event. It was an excellent opportunity to be able to hear the speakers' words of wisdom.

After the speeches were done we shuffled over to the room where  NAHA will be held. The dance coordinator asked for twenty brave people to volunteer to be in Group One, so my friend and I eagerly raised our hands and were picked to be in the first group. We are all involved in the Flash Mob dance that will be in the opening of the NAHA event. Since Group One is the first group to start the dance (aside from the professional dancers) we need to be near the front which means we get front row seating at the NAHA award ceremony!! I swear, this trip keeps getting better and better with each day...and it's only the first day! Tomorrow is supposed to be a seminar kind of day and then the NAHA award ceremony will be at night. Til tomorrow! =]

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