Finding Your Dream Flatiron

July 10, 2011 | 10:18 AM

It’s worth finding a good flatiron, because let’s face it they can either make or break your client’s style. Understand the technology behind the trends in tools with our quick guide to types of irons and proper heat options. Check out this iron guide:

Finding Your Dream Flatiron

Ceramic: Creates even heat distribution and snag-free gliding.

Far-Infrared Heat: When absorbed, it dries hair from the inside out to work faster and minimize cuticle damage.

Ionic: Negative ions split or electrolyze water molecules, causing them to penetrate deeply but evaporate faster. When negative ions are attracted to positive ones, they neutralize them, causing the cuticle to close. Results: smoother, shinier hair.

Tourmaline: When heated, this gemstone produces more negative ions than any other substance. The claims: Even heat distribution, faster drying times, less damage, increased shine.

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