How To Talk About Prebooking

Kelly Cison | July 10, 2011 | 10:19 AM
Hesitant to broach sensitive subjects with your clients? Never feel tongue-tied again! Use expert tips from our comprehensive guide to talk to clients with professional confidence.

How To Talk About Prebooking
How To Talk About Prebooking

You might not be aware of the value of prebooking. "It is proven statistically that if you get your guests to prebook every five weeks, you will see them at least two times more per year, increasing your revenue," says Global Keratin's Benedetto. "Times that by 40 services per week two more times a year, and the added revenue is extremely lucrative." Not only that, but prebooking means more consistency in your schedule, making it easier to plan your week and reduce scrambling to fill last-minute gaps.

Benedetto suggests a 65 percent prebooking goal, more than double the national average of about 30 percent. The secret to boosting your own average? Position prebooking as a convenience that will save time and headaches. Here's how Benedetto phrases it: "Since you are so busy, let me help you manage your lifestyle by booking your next appointment today-this way it's one less thing for you to do in your hectic schedule." Don't forget to reassure clients they will get a reminder phone call two days before the appointment, and that they can always change the day or time if the need arises.

Dodge, who has a prebook rate of over 90 percent, books out clients while they are still in her chair. "It's a conversation that has to happen in a consultation," she says, pointing out that whatever it is you determine to do during the consultation, you'll need to make sure the client is available to come back for her follow-up appointments.

During processing, Dodge recommits her clients by bringing them an appointment card and a salon calendar. "We have groovy calendars that we've made with the entire year on them, and at the bottom of the page we note the dates we're closed," she says. "We ask our service providers to put their vacation time in six weeks in advance so they know they'll be around for the time they're asking to see their clients again."

Getting specific on timing increases the odds of a successful prebook. "We state the actual date that we'd like the client to come back," says Dodge. "So we'd say, ‘I'd like to see you October 9' instead of just ‘four to six weeks,' which we think makes it more concrete."

Though it can be tricky to nail down your busy clientele, never look as prebooking as a burden, warns Dodge. "Prebooking is building trust with that client," she declares. "You're committing to keeping up the work you've done at that appointment. Not prebooking is the biggest mistake you can make."

How To Talk About Prebooking

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