How Beauty Changed Your Life: Meet Dakima Hicks

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 10:22 AM

As First Chair's distribution has grown, so has its popularity--students and new professionals are reading the articles, passing the magazine along to classmates and other new stylists, and are sharing the information found in the pages of First Chair on their Facebook pages and blogs. One student, in particular, found the Beauty Changes Lives page to be of particular interest, and felt compelled to send me her story.

I first met Dakima during America's Beauty Show when I was participating as a panelist in P&G's Student panel. It was pitched that whoever in the audience offered up something of value to say or ask would receive different giveaways from the panelists--including famed stylist and educator Nick Arrojo. Without knowing her moving story, Dakima was the winner of a 7-day training session with Arrojo, AND she reached out to me to share her story.

And I, after reading it, felt compelled to share it with you... meet Dakima Hicks. 

NOTE: How has beauty changed your life? Send your story to me, Alison Shipley [email protected], and I'll gladly post it. Be sure to send a picture of yourself and the name of your beauty school!

DAKIMA HICKS STORY, written by Dakima Hicks

How Beauty Changed Your Life: Meet Dakima Hicks

Born Dakima Collier on July 27, 1975 in Detroit, MI, I was the middle child of three children, born to Dillard Collier III and Ruth Mitchell. Life as a child was very difficult-having grown up with an abusive father who spent weeks away from home at a time. By 1989 my parent's were divorced. My mother moved them to Oak park, MI where I attended high school. I had a passion for hair styling and designing, and would create artistic styles on her family and friends.

In 1994 Iwas married; I then carried the name Hicks. I had five children to this union. I decided to pursue fashion design. I attended IADT fashion design school in Troy, MI where I learned about the Magic Trade Show Las Vegas and the New York Design Factories.

Me and my five children drove to Las Vegas, NV on August 7, 2008. We were supposed to live with a friend from Michigan, but when we arrived the landlord saw them at the pool and stated, "they can't stay here or you will have to pay $90.00 everyday their here." We were homeless until a young couple allowed us to live in their five bedroom home free of charge, for seven months. I began to work and moved closer to my children's school.

Six months later, I lost her job and, once again, we were homeless. We lived in a studio, which an agency in Nevada provided to them for up to thirty days. Within that thirty day period, I received a phone call from a woman asking me if she could share her story with her, I told the young lady what was going on. The young lady asked me to go look at one of her homes and if I liked it we could move in immediately. I didn't have money, deposit or a job to afford to do anything at that point of my life. The young lady didn't care about what I didn't have she cared about what me and my children needed. We moved in immediately. Two weeks later I started working at Walmart. A week after I was hired at Walmart I took on another job at a school as a Teacher's Assistant. I worked two jobs for approximately one year. I began to think about her family's future. I decided I wanted a career instead of a job.

On May 19, 2010 I started school at Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences to pursue a career in Cosmetology. I started school with the mind set quitting is not an option. I have maintained honors throughout the  year and have worked tremendously hard to maintain professionalism for every client that sits in my chair. I mentioned that I wanted to go to the trade show in Chicago to one of my clients, the client sent me. The client stated that "Dakima deserved it!"

On March 11th-14th I went to Chicago for the ABS Beauty Show, where I was able to attend the P&G Student Panel and received a sponsored training for seven days with Nick Arrojo in New York, New York, all for just asking a question during the panel.

I plan to graduate, take my state board, and build my clientele. I  plan to work at Jubilee Salon in Las Vegas, NV and continue educating myself with the newest hair and fashion trends. I believe that one day my name will be recognized all over the world.

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