Farouk Systems Selects Lone Star Student to Assist in Experiments Launching with Shuttle Atlantis

July 10, 2011 | 10:22 AM

Houston-based Farouk Systems, in conjunction with NASA, will make history with its participation in the last mission of the NASA space shuttle mission. Senior Vice President of Technology for Farouk Systems and former NASA scientist, Dr. Dennis Morrison will prep, load and post-analyze five experiments aboard the space shuttle Atlantis. The hair care manufacturer partnered with Lone Star College and developed the CHI Stars program, offering a student a chance to assist with the experiments.

Meagan Flesch, currently enrolled in the CFarouk Systems Selects Lone Star Student to Assist in Experiments Launching with Shuttle AtlantisHI Environmental School of Cosmetology at Lone Star College-North Harris, won first place with her essay, "Sanitation in the Salon." She will assist and accompany Dr. Morrison to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. During the shuttle flight, Flesch will complete the identical experiment on Earth as the astronauts perform it in space.

Sugey Perez received second place for her essay "Vitamins in Hair Color," and Alyssa Martinez was awarded third place for her entry "Chemicals and Science in Cosmetology." Shakera Williams and Brittney Trivette were recognized for their respective entries: "The Chemistry Behind Cosmetology" and "CHI Star Leads to the Future." All of the top five essays received a $100 gift card to the Lone Star College bookstore and a matching $100 cash prize from Farouk Shami, founder and chairman of Farouk Systems. The top three students also received prize packages of various CHI, Farouk Royal Treatment by CHI and Biosilk products.

"I'm so happy I won! This is an amazing opportunity and a chance to be part of history," says Flesch. "No one really thinks about the science behind cosmetology, so my essay focused on the importance of sanitation in the salon and how it relates to space. Even if I hadn't have won, I would just be happy I was able to be part of this, and I'm so thankful to Farouk for making it happen."

"I'm proud of our partnership with Lone Star College and of all the talented young people who entered the contest," said Shami. "The decision was tough; there were so many incredible submissions. They are all winners in my book!"

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