Curly Cuts 101

Chandler Rollins | June 25, 2014 | 9:19 AM

Curly Cuts 101Cutting textured hair may feel like a daunting task, but there's nothing to fear. Hear, we share our top dos and don’ts of cutting naturally curly clients. 

Do: Understand your client. Every service on a curly or textured hair client should start with a thorough analysis. Each curl has its own identity and will react to a cut differently. Make sure that you understand what your client’s expectations are and her maintenance practices, so you can achieve the desired result.

Do: Cut with razors. A razor is a precision tool and when used correctly, offers natural looking results for “wash and wear” hair styles. Using a razor helps to enable more and movement in hair styles, redefine the texture of the hair, thin out thicker textures and create soft-shaped layers.

Do: Start fresh. Curly hair can be deceiving as product begins to loosen and flatten the curls out. Be sure to cleanse the hair thoroughly to create a well-defined line and help you to cut more accurately.


Don’t: Underestimate shrinkage. When stretched, a tight curl might be one and a half to two times longer. Due to the amount of shrinkage and frizz that is naturally associated with curly hair, cutting hair wet or pre-straightened can be deceiving and often inaccurate results. Remember: the smaller the diameter of the curl, the more it will shrink.

Don’t: Let your curl phobia get the best of you. Although you may feel fear when first approaching curly clients, don’t give in to it. If you give the client too much control it will be hard to get back. Find the balance between a client’s wants and needs.


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