HOW TO: The "I Trust You" Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | October 12, 2014 | 9:00 PM
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 Allayna Fulgham (@Laynaaaaa) had an opportunity to change up this ombre to something more classic for fall.

"This client was referred to me and had been told that she was 'stuck in the 80s' with her blonde scrunched hair and huge 80s bangs," says Fulgham, based at Exclusive Beauty Salon in Stockton, California.  "She had no problem with it but she knew it was time for a change and all she told me was 'I still want blonde and I trust you, you're the professional'. Knowing that she had some grey coming in I knew I had to cover that and add a ton of dimension for the blonde to still look nice. I didn't want to shock her too much." The process took 4 hours, "And she absolutely loved it, she even let me cut her bangs into something more stylish for her age! Bye bye 80s!!"

Here Fulgham offers the HOW TO:

Color Formula 1: Framesi B diamond lightner w/ 20v & Pravanna 000 lightening booster.

Color Formula 2: 2oz Matrix So color 506W (Light warm brown Extra coverage) & mixed equal parts of 508W (Medium warm blonde extra coverage) w/ 10v.

Step 1: Section the hair for a highlight touch up (5 sections) and start in the nape.

Step 2: Weave very fine sections with formula 1. Pull through to some of the ends.

Step 3: Apply formula 2 to the remainder of her hair, from scalp to ends.

Step 4: Add heat for 40 minutes for effective gray coverage.

Step 5: Bring to the shampoo bowl, add a little bit of water (shampoo cap) and emulsify all of the color together for five minutes to tone down a little bit of the blonde.

Step 6: Shampoo & Condition with Joico KPAK

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