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HOW-TO: Silver Slate Gray Hair Makeover

October 16, 2014 | 12:14 AM

Color Master Guy Tang's client Felicity colored her hair black for approximately five years when she was in high-school. Then, one day she decided to lighten her own hair. Now for the past eight years she's been doing just that. Guy Tang decided that it was time for Felicity to undergo a change -- so he transformed her level 10 platinum locks into titanium sliver- steel.

"Even though I used silver on Felicity, the same concept can be used with pinks, purples, greens and blues to create a graident lived-in feel to the hair color," says Tang.

STEP 1: Felicity's hair had a lot of banding around her natural root. To fix this, Tang applied lightner only to the re-growth area.
STEP 2: Let the hair process -- eyeball it depending on your client's hair type. The result for Felicity was an artic, icy-looking blonde.
STEP 3: Tang applied silver to the root which added a "shadowy" feel to the final look. It also made the hair look more natural. Use foils to isolate sections.

TIP: "When doing fashion shades, most of the time you have to pre-lighten the hair. Take into consideration the integrity of your client's hair. Beautiful hair starts with healthy hair. You don't want to keep coloring fried green or crispy pink hair -- it just makes the damage stand out even more. Take hair's integrity into consideration every time." -Guy Tang

STEP 4: Let the hair process. After you apply the hair color watch your client so that their hair's integrity stays intact.

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