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Lori Vargas: Empowering 6

Rosanne Ullman | October 21, 2014 | 8:48 AM

(This is a version of an excerpt from an article published in the Healthy Hairdresser section of the October 2014 issue of MODERN SALON.)


At two locations north of Chicago, Spa Vargas offers the typical spa therapies that can be considered “alternative” in their approach to wellness, such as reflexology, Reiki and specialty massages. Owner Lori Vargas is a big fan of juicing and eating raw, also pretty common in the spa culture. But what’s not typical is Vargas’s partnership with five doctors.

“We call ourselves Empowering 6,” Vargas says. “It’s all about preventative health care, which also can apply to controlling or even reversing a condition. Our cardiologist’s title is ‘preventative cardiologist.’” A psychologist, an internist, a family medicine and a chiropractic sports physician round out the Empowering 6 along with Lori Vargas who, in addition to her wellness coaching, is a CPA and holds two MBAs. 

“Our underlying focus at Spa Vargas is ‘live life well,’” Vargas says. “Ultimately it’s up to each individual. I am seeing positive results from people on our team who are adjusting their lifestyle.”

Among the many health awareness and fundraising efforts Spa Vargas sponsors or supports was the recent Run the Course to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America at the Pheasant Run Resort’s Golf Course in St. Charles, Illinois.


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