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National Dental Hygiene Month

Rosanne Ullman | October 27, 2014 | 9:00 PM
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In the beauty industry, a beautiful smile is priceless!


Oral health is yet another designated health-related issue for the month of October. From cavities, crooked teeth and receding gums to plaque buildup and halitosis (that’s bad breath!), as a stylist with a mirror in front of you all day you’re probably pretty aware of your dental health—and so are your clients!


Get yourself to a dentist’s office every six months, and follow your dentist’s instructions to brush and floss daily. Brush an extra time if you eat something sticky this Halloween! Include your gums when you brush so that they stay tough and healthy. Bite into apples and carrots, and drink water. If your natural bite keeps you from chewing properly, consider saving up for a little orthodontia to straighten and align your teeth. The results are worth it!


And then there’s that breath problem. You’re face-to-face with clients, and Altoids are a great quick fix but may be hiding deeper concerns.


“If you develop bad breath, don’t simply try to mask it with mints,” advises Dr. Bob Kross, a biochemist associated with All USA Direct, which makes Breath Appeal products. Kross notes that the same bacteria souring your breath can lead to potentially serious conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis, although you do need some bacteria in your mouth. 


“Maintaining the proper balance of oral bacteria will not only keep your breath fresh, but will help you maintain good oral health,” Kross says. Because brushing and flossing reach only about 25 percent of your mouth, Kross suggests adding tongue scraping and an alcohol-free oxidizing daily rinse to your oral hygiene.





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