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First Company Pink

Rosanne Ullman | October 21, 2014 | 10:27 AM

Healthy Hairdresser applauds all the women who make something positive from their personal breast cancer experiences by launching a foundation dedicated to raising funds or awareness for research or patient comfort. A previous Healthy Hair Pro of the Week, Janice Mitchell Hurowitz, clued us into one of those foundations, First Company Pink, founded by Hurowitz’s friend Donna Cioffi.


“Blessed with the gift of a second chance we stand strong as an example of hope and possibilities,” the First Company Pink website statement says. “First Company Pink will remain vigilant in its continued effort to eradicate breast cancer in this lifetime.”


First Company Pink holds events throughout the year, such as the cute Pink Pumpkin Patch held earlier this month. 


“We paint 600 pumpkins pink and display them on the lawn by the legislative building in Mineola, New York,” Hurowitz reports. “They sell quickly! We can make thousands in an hour.” First Company Pink donates 100% of money raised from the event to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the group’s designated beneficiary of its fundraising efforts.

If you’re in NYC or Long Island, consider attending First Company Pink’s 3rd Annual Event, scheduled for November 6.







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