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21 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict

Chandler Rollins | October 22, 2014 | 11:06 AM
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1. Visit Sephora once every two weeks.

2. You know what VIB means.

3. Can’t go to CVC without looking at the cosmetics aisle and buying something.

4. Own a BB, CC, DD or EE cream.

5. Refuse to throw out certain cosmetics that you never wear… because you WILL wear them one day.

6. Have separate Pinterest boards for beauty and hair.

7. Have no shame asking a stranger what her lipstick shade is.

8. Refer to color shades with specific terms: oxblood, merlot, honey, chocolate cherry brown, etc.

9. Feel a loyalty and dedication to certain brands.

10. Have a deep and unbending disdain for certain beauty brands.

11. Feel like you simply can’t live without your signature hair products.

12. Always take a selfie after doing an especially good job with a client’s hair or makeup look.

13. Like getting ready to go out more than you actually like going out.

14. Can recognize products from their scent alone.

15. Have purchased some beauty products just because the packaging was so pretty.

16. Have friends who patiently wait for you to clean out your beauty closet so they can stock their own.

17. Feel that many of life’s major problems can be solved with the proper beauty products.

18. Dream (literally) about beauty products.

19. Feel a trip to Sephora significantly lightens your mood.

20. Scheme how you can some day start a beauty line of your own.

21. Have had a loved one confront you about all the “crap” in your bathroom.

For more conclusive evidence, head to Buzzfeed's "Are You A Beauty Addict" quiz.

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