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Lauren Salapatek | October 27, 2014 | 8:00 AM
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Break the rules. Hop on the back of a motorcycle. I’ll join ya.
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It's a proven fact: Bad boys have the best style. And I’m a total sucker for them! For the tough guys who might be a diamond in the rough, rock this ‘do and you’ll shine – and I mean that in the most masculine way possible.

I wanted to see my Venice boys with more grit and sex appeal, and I came up with an unrefined double braid. It’s equal parts rugged, masculine, and just plain sexy!  I dub it – Prison Chic.

Prison Chic bonds iconic street and gangster trends with modern influences. Imagine a fabulous gangster, if you will.

You don't have to break the law to look this good, though. Check out what I did to this stud:

  • Part hair in the center, but don’t make it too clean. The messier, the better.
  • Start the braids in the center on either side and braid back away from the face. Think cornrows!
  • Tie the braids off at the bottoms with whatever leather you have laying around (and I know you do).

Photography: Nick Berardi

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