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Nail Industry On-Point for Generation Z

Lynelle Lynch | October 28, 2014 | 10:20 AM
Lynelle Lynch, Bellus Academy President

Hair styling and makeup artistry have consistently been at the forefront of what we consider to comprise the beauty industry. Not until recent years has the nail industry finally garnered the recognition it deserves as a necessary component of the beauty and fashion industry. Reported as more than a $7 billion industry, nail professions are rapidly growing in popularity and, most notably, are receiving attention from a young demographic.

Why is it that Generation Z is perfectly polished for the nail industry?

Digital Expression: Think emerging beauty blogs, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts, all dedicated to nail artistry and design. Nails provide the perfect platform for online tutorials, DIY tips and how-to videos since creating these complete looks generally requires less time than makeup or hair styling does. Nail artistry has asserted itself as a viable asset to the industry, thanks partially to social media channels and posts.

Contemporary Artistry: Trends are taken from Fashion Week productions worldwide and incorporated into nail education to continue the development of the field. Artists like to display their work on all sorts of mediums, nails included.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: It is becoming increasingly common for the younger generation to seek entrepreneurial opportunities. The appeal of being your own boss and leading your own company is just another perk of entering the nail industry. You can begin your own nail company, be a freelancer, and be in complete control of your schedule. It doesn’t have to be the standard 9-5 anymore.

Mainstream Media: Nails have now made their way to mainstream media! Oxygen Media recently launched a new television series, Nail’d It. The televised competition puts up-and-coming nail artists head-to-head to create extravagant and complex nail designs. The show is targeted at the younger audience, again, showing the appeal and creative outlet a nail career provides.

In addition to the online presence, nail education programs are becoming more modern in their approaches. It’s imperative that beauty education continues to provide hands-on experience and opportunities to showcase creative ability so we can continue to progress the industry.

At Bellus Academy, we take the lead by working with top spas and salons to elevate our Spa Nail Technician program. Curriculum includes courses in nail art, Minx, CND Shellac and training for luxury-style pedicures and manicures found at five-star spas. Our career service team has noticed an influx of nail technician openings at luxury spas and salons, clearly making it an in-demand career choice for our aspiring professionals.

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