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Prismatic Collection

Alison Alhamed | October 30, 2014 | 8:32 AM
Solar: The model started with multiple shades of deposit. The hair was prelightened with It’s A Blonde Thing lightener, followed by KeraHold and Metamorfix color in foils, combining sunny hues of red, orange and yellow.
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Ultraviolet: The hair was prepped with It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System and multiple formulas of KeraHold and Metamorphix color merged to create fluid tonal movement of red, violet, gold and pearl.
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Aurora: KeraHold and Metamorphix color were used in a feathering technique to blend the pinks, violets and blues of the famed Northern Lights. Gavin’s pro tip: To maintain more vibrant shades without blending in too much of the deeper, paint the lighter shades first, then lightly diffuse darker shades.
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For colorists, inspiration comes from the simplest things—like watching how light bursts into a rainbow of color when refracted through a piece of glass.


The Prismatic Collection is the result of what happens when a colorist gets inspired by the way the mountains meet the sky, the sea greets the sun, or lightening illuminates the clouds. 


“Warm sits next to cool, vibrant sits next to muted, and it all works harmoniously,” says Keratin Complex’s International Artistic Director for Color Therapy Deborah Gavin, who created the 2014 Prismatic Collection from the wondrous pairing of landscapes with the effects of a prism. 


“We wanted to bring out the brilliant color in the hair through light and movement,” says Gavin, who formulated and placed the colors in such a way that the viewer’s eye acts as the prism, splitting the light and picking out the myriad hues within the hair.


Color: Deborah Gavin

Cut and styling: David Barron

Creative direction: Ivie Richman, Kirstin Gundersen

Photography: Babak

Makeup: Sherilyn Segal

Fashion styling: Golnaz Davoudi




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