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Modern Salon | October 30, 2014 | 11:20 AM
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“Clients are beginning to realize that extensions are not just for length, but for volume and fresh color. They can even be used for color correction. With proper placement, we can add hair that will alter the shape and give the client exactly what she needs and wants.” —Victoria Casciola, Hotheads hair extensions master educator and platform artist
Photo by Roberto Ligresti

Many stylists, no matter how many areas of beauty they feel they have mastered, often find themselves in a similar rut, artistically or financially, with their current business and begin seeking out the next big niche to pursue in their work. Adding extension services to your menu can increase your daily business of $30-$80 cuts to $1,000, even $1,500 a day working on just one client. 


“Extensions can be used by everyone,” says Victoria Casciola. “In fact, they should be used by everyone, even just for fun!” Casciola, a master educator and platform artist for Hotheads hair extensions, is surprised that just 60 percent of her clients at her Hot Box salon in Las Vegas come in for extensions. “Extensions can solve so many problems, and certainly help me as a stylist.” Casciola uses extensions to correct color, add length, add volume and add color. 


Lately Casciola is loving tape in extensions. “They allow for versatility,” she says. “They are easy to apply, easy to remove and leave no residue. That is what really makes the difference.” 


The size of the Hotheads tape in extension also makes a difference. “You don’t have to cut. They are already the perfect size. They are narrow to accommodate regrowth.” 


According to Casciola, these extensions are ideal for the client because an application should last eight to 10 weeks and the extensions can be re-used up to three times. “It’s a win for the client and the stylist.”


Hair: Victoria Casciola

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: David Maderich for

Fashion styling: Rod Novoa

Nails: Amanda Smith

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