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Modern Salon | October 30, 2014 | 12:04 PM
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The Classic Man

Hero product: El Patrón Styling Gel – For mature men, depending on the look, King says less product is usually more. “If this client is used to using more traditional products, he may be wanting, out of habit, something heavier,” she says. “A lighter cream, with a little bit of hold, or even a hairspray, is better than a heavy pomade. Too much product may make the hair look thinner.”

Avian King is a grooming specialist. More than 40 percent of her clients are male and she has learned that these men are loyal and tend to be more flexible. 


“Working with men, you have more freedom,” King says. “You get to change their look more often simply because they know they are coming in regularly.” 


King has learned that her male clients tend to trust her more and she can have more fun creating interesting shapes in the neckline, at the sideburn or along the perimeter. 


“Men’s hair is more tailored to bone structure, features and head shape,” she says. “I look at cheekbones and sideburn placement. I look to the jawline for length. A cut can transform the shape of a face.” 


For this session, King chose to work with El Patrón line of styling products by Talyoni, LLC . “This line is quite effective,” she says. “It’s a grooming line for men that is natural, masculine and approachably priced while still offering luxury. I love that there are the right products to create any look for any lifestyle.” 


King used her magic on three men she believes best represent the three important lifestyles and trends today: The Classic Man, The International Man and The Modern Man. 


Most importantly, King offers her pro tips for applying product: “The more time you spend applying product, the better it will perform. If you just throw product in hair and expect it to work you will be disappointed. Now is the time to take advantage of great cuts, techniques and product application.”


Hair: Avian King

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Grooming: David Maderich for Sigma Beauty

Fashion styling: Angela Kelley

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