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The Renee Story: Comments About YOUR Comments

Maggie Mulhern | October 30, 2014 | 9:00 PM

When the news broke about Renee Zellweger’s new look, the world was set abuzz. People felt the need to comment and MODERN offered that forum with a post on instagram. The caption under the before and after pix said the following: “Everyone is buzzing about the Renee Zellweger transformation. What do you think?” This comment is non-judgmental and harmless and was designed to give YOU the opportunity to share your thoughts and reactions.

This post received very few “likes” (just 484) but, as of today, a shocking 238 comments! But before we discuss YOUR comments, I want to explain some things. MODERN is a media company. We cover everything in the beauty world. We report news. We are on top of trend. The Renee Zellweger story is/was about beauty, and was news at the time.  We wanted to give our audience the opportunity to weigh in on what was a very big story in the beauty world at the time.

Before we have an overview of YOUR reaction to the post, you should understand that MODERN is all about beauty and self improvement. We know miracles are performed with great haircolor, a good cut, a perfect make up application, a beautiful manicure, excellent skin care, any and everything salon and spa related.

So, why so defensive you ask? It’s because MANY of those 238 comments attacked MODERN for posting something so negative!


All we did was invite YOU to comment! We are a very positive media outlet and support all improvement and TRANSFORMATION related topics.  Apologies to those who misunderstood…


So, here are a couple of the many attacks (no names):

-I think it is in bad taste to be criticizing her look…this is still a hair magazine, right? Stylists are supposed to lift people up not rip them apart.

-I’ve never seen any negative posts from @modernsalon before but it’s definitely not what I would expect from a high end hair magazine…get back to HAIR! That’s what REAL hairstylists care about!


There were at least 30 comments about her EYEBROWS and how many believe that a good shaping is really the story:

-She just needs a sharper eyebrow, blush and bronzer and she’d be set!

-I don’t care if she got work done, but she needs something done to her eyebrows!

-Her EYEBROWS!!!!! That is the real story!


Some of the most wonderful comments:

- She is beautiful no matter what. Just sad for her she is not happy with herself and the pressure of Hollywood.

-I think life in the spotlight is hard enough without us picking her apart. Although she looks like Robin Wright now, she was beautiful before and still is…

-She looks amazing as a person! Young or old. Nipped or tucked. She still looks fabulous!

-As long as she’s happy it doesn’t matter what we think. However she has always needed lipbalm.

-All she did was make it so she could see. We as hairdressers shouldn’t judge. We change people looks everyday. If it made her happy, that’s all that matters.

-ummmmm she has really beautiful skin.

-Hope it makes her happy no matter what anyone thinks.


As of this morning, the post has been removed simply because it is no longer news worthy. However, I would like to add my own opinion:

@mulhernmaggie: Plastic surgery, in my opinion, is FANTASTIC. I love it that we live in a world where we can have something “fixed” if we don’t like it.  Personally I have witnessed phenomenal changes performed with simple but amazing tweaks via Botox and fillers. If I was a little more “flush” I would be parked in a plastic surgeons office. Rene Zellweger is entitled to do whatever she wants. She looked great before and she looks great now. So happy for her!


The last word goes to Zellweger herself who commented about the buzz:

"I'm glad folks think I look different! I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows."

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