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FORMULA: From Pretty Blonde to Blue/Slate

Maggie Mulhern | October 31, 2014 | 9:00 PM
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When client Aileen asked Lee Quinn (@lee_quinn_1) to help her get close to Orla Keogh's color (a contestant on the X Factor, the British version), Quinn went for it. Based at the Roelle Salon in Newry, Northern Ireland, Quinn utilized Aileen's existing balalyage to get this lovely dimension. Here Quinn offers the formula and technique:

Step 1: Apply Revlon Up To 8 bleaching powder with 20 volume along the mids, blending down to 10 volume on the pre-lightened area at the ends.

Step 2: Process for 15 minutes, and then apply the same powder blended with 6% to the roots. Lift all to level 10. Rinse and dry the hair.

Step 3: Apply Revlon Porosity Cream to the hair.

Step 4: Then apply a blue/ash shade: Wella special mix .66 and .11 (with a 3/4 to a 1/4 ratio, 1/4 being the  .11) and mixed with 9% developer. Apply from root to ends.

Step 5: Process for 40 minutes and then rinse from the hair.

Step 6: Apply Lilac Crazy Colour from roots to ends and process for 5 minutes.

o i lifted the top with pre lightner and 20vol and the ends with 10vol. I then used the special mix in wella (3/4 of .88 and 1/4 of .11) thats the colour after 2 washes. T

hanks a mill!I used Revlon 'up to 8' bleaching powder with 9% (30vol) on midlengths and left to develop for 15 mins. I then used the Revlon up to 8 again with 6% (20vol) on the ends and left for a further 10 mins. Then for the last 10 mins i applied up to 8 with 6% to the roots. After i got the desired level of lift (level 10) i then rinsed and dried. I then applied Revlon porosity cream on the hair. I then used wella special mix .66 and .11 (with a 3/4 to a 1/4 ratio, 1/4 being the  .11) and mixed with 9% developer. I left the colour to develop for 40 mins and rinsed. I then applied 'lilac' in the crazy colour and left for 5 and rinsed. Me myself (Lee Quinn) im 21. Hairdressing 5 years. I live in Newry, which is in Northern Ireland.the salon i work in is called 'roelle'.  Im moving to perth in Western Australia in December to hopefully do hair there. Absolutely love colour and just hair in general.  My ig name is @lee_quinn_1 . Clients name is Aileen Donnelly. Our inspiration for the colour was a contestant on the xfactor uk (orla keogh) . We both came to a decision for the colour we chose. FORMUL

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