5 Common Hair Color Problems Only Blondes Can Understand

Lauren Salapatek | November 5, 2014 | 12:34 AM
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Blonde clients require a particular regimen of maintenance to keep their color looking bright and brilliant. Yet, often colorists hear clients express concerns about brassiness, or dull, muddy tones. Tom Porter, founder and president of Malibu Wellness Inc., says educating blonde clients on why some of these common problems occur can eliminate the "blame game." Visit for details on which at-home and in-salon treatments can counteract these concerns.

According to Porter:

Concern: Dull, muddy tones and blonde color that loses vibrancy after five to seven shampoos.

Cause: This is a direct result of clients shampooing in warm, chlorinated shower water that contains calcium of over 100 ppm.


Concern: Hair clumping in sections after spending time in the pool.

Cause: Blondes absorb more pool chemicals than brunettes, in turn causing hair to fall in clumps rather than in flowing, individual strands.


Concern: Highlights appear to be "fading," looking dull.

Cause: "Fading" highlights are a result of shampooing in hard water, which leaves the same film build-up seen on shower walls. This translucent film refracts light and diminishes shine.


Concern: Color has a green, ashy tint to it, after spending time in the hot tub or pool.

Cause: Exposure to water that contains copper sulfate, which is used to control algae, causes blondes to appear discolored.


Concern: Blonde looks brassy or orange after spending time in the sun.

Cause: Caused by minerals, like iron, that attach to the hair like a magnet and are then oxidized and accelerated by air, sun and water.

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