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The Euro Bob

Maggie Mulhern | November 4, 2014 | 10:00 PM
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Demi Howell
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Demi Howell (@demihowell3D) has created what she calls the "Euro Bob". Based in Huntville, Alabama, Howell does hair and make up, and based on her instagram page...does it well! MODERN tracked her down to get the details on this finish:

Coloring technique

Step 1:  Section the hair:  1- the front of the head from each corner of the eyes to the crown. 2 - the sides of the head and the section from the crown to the nape area.

Step 2:  Using an ombre technique, apply 1 oz Rusk crème gel lightener + 10 volume to midlengths and ends of hair.

Step 3:  Process to a level 6. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly then towel dry.

Step 4:  Apply 1 oz of Rusk SLB and 3 oz of 30 volume 2 inches below the ombre line from midshaft to ends. During this process there should be a smooth transition and color should process for 45 minutes to a pale yellow.

Step 5:  Shampoo and rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Apply Pureology Color Fanatic 21 to hair.

Step 6:  Apply 1 oz Rusk Deep Shine demipermanent 10.13 B + 1.5 oz Rusk Balancing Lotion and process for 15 minutes.

Step 7:  Shampoo and rinse thoroughly and condition with Mizani’s Fiberfyl treatment

Euro Bob, Howell's overview:

"I created this cut using my collision cutting technique with the goal to create an asymmetrical bob look but with an edge to it. I only used a comb cutting the weight lines of the bob. There are 2 different weight lines: 1st is in the back at the nape leaving the left side slightly longer than the right 2nd is on the right side of the head which is my 2nd asymmetrical cut. The interior of this haircut is collision which gives the hair the ability to have movement and body."

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