Style of the Moment: The Timeless Bouffant

Elizabeth Jakaitis | November 10, 2014 | 1:09 PM

The Timeless Bouffant is loose and romantic, a modern-day take on a classic look. Learn how to create this Style of the Moment in just a few easy steps with L’Oréal Professionnel hairstylist Drew Schaefering.


Timeless Bouffant How-To


1. Prep the entire head by applying Texture Expert Perfect Texture Texturizing Spray from roots to ends and power dry into the hair. 


2. Curl the entire head using an on base curl placement and Texture Expert Infinium 3 Strong Hold Working Spray, securing each with a clip. 


3. Once the set has cooled, start removing the clips from the bottom up. Do not disturb the curl until you have removed all of the clips. Then, rake your fingers through the hair to break up the set and separate the hair. Now brush out the curls in sections starting at the bottom. Blend all of the sections together to create one complete, smooth finish. 


4. Divide the hair into four sections. Take a subsection at the nape and backcomb the subsection from the midlength to the base of the section, leaving out the ends of the hair. Continue up the head to the next subsection and repeat backcombing. 


5. Smooth the hair with your tail comb into a ponytail. Use a rubber band to secure the ends. Secure the ponytail firmly to the center of the back of the head, just above the occipital. Do not twist the pony. Leave plenty of fullness at the base to give a loosely secured look. 

6. Next, Have your client lift her chin slightly, and isolate the fringe. 


7. Take a subsection directly behind the fringe and backcomb as before. Continue backcombing until the top section meets the back. Extend the backcombing further down the subsection to the ends as you get to the back section. You’ll start to achieve the proper silhouette and provide a strong base to secure the final look. 


8. Smooth the ends of your subsections with your tail comb, leaving the backcombing intact. Secure the hair and add a workable hold with Infinium 3. 


9. Using pins, secure the top section to the back section, just above the ponytail. 


10. Backcomb the base of the fringe. Using your paddle brush, gently brush away hair from the face and create a natural-looking part. Smooth the hair, leaving a little root lift and texture. Apply Infinium 3 to secure the side sections. 


11. Use your paddle brush to direct the sides and fringe away from the face, towards the back of the head. Secure the longest pieces to the back of the head by twisting the ends and securing them with pins. 


12. Perfect your finished look, by making sure there’s a smooth, loose, romantic elegance by using the tip of your paddle brush for precision. Apply Infinium 3 to secure. 


13. Emulsify Texture Expert Architexture Matte Defining Paste into your hands. Apply to the ends of the hair with your fingertips to create some smooth definition. Separate the ends to create volume. 


14. Finish the look by generously applying Texture Expert Infinium 4 Extreme Hold Finishing Spray.  


Check out the video below for a closer look at the techniques and products:


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