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HOW TO: Blonde to Orange to Pink Ombre

Maggie Mulhern | November 12, 2014 | 8:06 AM

Aimee J'Adore (@aimeejadore), owner of Aimee J'Adore Salon, Portland, Oregon was named "Best Hairstylist" at the Portland Fashion & Style Awards last year and has been the Brides Choice Award winner for the last 5 years for her updos and makeup work. All of this is just tip of the iceberg! When MODERN found this diffused blonde to orange to pink ombre, we just had to learn more. Here she shares the HOW TO:


Client Melissa arrived with 3 inches of grown out natural hair 50% gray.  "She had some highlights and then a shadowbox of her natural virgin hair, level 6, underneath," says J'Adore. "I did a heavy foil highlight using Paul Mitchell's Synchrolift lightener and 30 volume - I bumped the volume because I used Olaplex (love that stuff!!) I hand painted the lightener on the hair left out of the foils, concentrating mostly on the tips so that I would have a nice bright blonde base for my pink areas.  Shampooed, conditioned, blow dried."


Once she was prelightened to a level 10 on her ends, and a 8-9 on her mid shaft, J'Adore mixed the following (all Pravana):


Pink -  Half tube of magenta, Half tube of neon pink and half tube of coral pastel, and half tube of vivids pink.


The mid Orange - tube of neon orange, with 4-5 drops of vivids orange, 1 inch ribbon of pastel coral


Lighter area of orange up the hair shaft - half tube of neon orange and 1/4 tube of pastel coral


Step 1: Begin at the bottom and paint the magenta pink mixture root to tip, all the hair up till about the occipital bone. 

Step 2: Then layer in the mid orange color and the magenta pink. 

Step 3: Once near the top layers, lay the hair naturally as it falls and hand paint the very top pieces, using a very small brush, mostly just the light orange mix barely touching the blonde layers. 

Step 4: TIP: You can backcomb a little bit in the top too to help with the blended effect and use your fingers to blend the two colors together.

Step 5: Process for 20 minutes, no heat. Wash in cold water, shampoo condition.



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