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Sound Art: Turn Paintings, Posters, Pictures into Speakers

Anne Moratto | November 12, 2014 | 4:20 PM

When salon owner Connie Heavener wanted to update the appearance of her Heavener Salon, she wanted a vintage style look and feel.  One of her customers introduced her to Sound Art, a technology that involved a new type of sound-producing system that utilized small devices called “transducers” that allowed paintings, pictures, or any type of visual art to become speakers, with the transducers hidden behind the canvas.  Sound Art is a high fidelity, low profile flat-panel speaker that is seamlessly integrated with custom printed framed art.  With the use of wireless “Bluetooth” technology, virtually any visuals – paintings, drawings, photographs – instantly become a sound source.

Heavener's salon is now the first in the US. to feature Sound Art.

Steve Ventre, founder and owner at Dedicated Sound and Audio,  is just in the beginning stages of marketing the Sound Art featuring wireless “Bluetooth” technology.  The company has thousands of images to choose from that can be made into Sound Art, including traditional landscapes and seascapes, portraits, and sporting activities such as golf, football or baseball.  Perhaps one of the most exciting applications of this new approach to sound and art is the option for customers to turn their own family photos, pictures of events, or their own paintings and drawings into Sound Art.

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